Slideshow Briefing

Eli Maxwell shows Gordon what happened to the world during his absence
*Eli powers up the slide projector. A white image flashes on the wall of his room, where he has hung a white sheet.


“Let’s see now… where does this start?”

The following images appear as he speaks:
•   Aerial view of Black Mesa
•   Inbound train
•   Test chamber


“Black Mesa. Let’s not dwell on that. Nobody’s blaming you. We all have to accept some responsibility… what matters is what we do next. I’ll get to that. After the disaster, well… let’s just say, the ripples kept spreading.”
Concept-art for Dark Interval mod

The next scenes have the feel of Norman Rockwell in Hell:

•   Headcrabs leaping on shoppers from supermarket shelves
•   Bullsquids chasing a family from a suburban house; pack of houndeyes roaming down Elm Street
•   Gargantua overturning a tractor as a farmer flees across a Nebraska field
•   Ichthyosaur materialising in a public pool, right under a nose pinching kid who just jumped off the high-dive


“The countryside, the suburbs, all those hard-to-patrol places, got pretty much uninhabitable. People started crowding into the cities for protection.”

•   People clustered at a cyclone fence topped with razor wire, city skyline rising behind them; cops stand tensely on guard towers, blasting away at headcrab zombies outside the perimeter.


“There was an illusion of safety, for a time. And then the Citadels appeared. It happened in a split second, all over the world. A chunk would disappear from the center of a city, to be replaced an instant later by one of these… headquarters for the Combine. Invasion Central."

•   City-center completely cored, buildings sheared off, an enormous pit appearing out of nowhere, and people falling into it
•   The same view, with a citadel now towering at the center of all


“Say hello to your new masters.”

•   Cremators, striders, Combine machines pouring out of the Citadel into the city. Combine dropships tearing through the air.


“Oh, we resisted.”

•   Tanks, soldiers, human army advancing on the Citadel
•   The same troops reduced to ashes, completely obliterated


“Earth put up a fight that lasted all of seven hours.”

•   A smouldering Pentagon-shaped pile of ashes


“And then, one man who had seized about all the power a man can seize in a crisis, used that power to arrange our surrender.”

•   The Consul, at the foot of the Radio Tower, wearing a headset, hands raised high to the dropships as he proclaims Earth’s surrender


“They call him the Consul now. It worked out fine for him. He speaks for the Combine; he shares in their power. As for the rest of us…”

•   Views of City 17, citizens slouching along
•   Air Exchange belching black fumes
•   Drained seabed with beached ships, whale bones


“Well, you’ve seen the state of things. They’re replacing the air with something we can hardly breathe. They’re draining the ocean. We don’t know if they’re preparing the planet for new residents, or just stripping it of every possible resource. All we do know is that we have to stop them. And that’s where you come in, Mr. Freeman. It’s up to you to…"

•   The projector goes dark.

29 Jun 2017, 21:46:48
Source: Raising the Bar
Author: Marc Laidlaw
Translation: Инициативная группа на форумах сообщества сайтов Наша-Life

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