2002-2003 - pre-retail era

Dialogue recorded from the end of 2002 to the end of 2003

Intro with G-Man

(gman_01) Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine.
(gman_02) Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest. And all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until...well, let's just say your hour has come again.
(gman_03) The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.
(gman_04) So, wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.

City 17 Train Station

Public Address System

(term_pa_01) Welcome to City 17!
(term_pa_02) Watch your step!
(term_pa_03) No loitering!
(term_pa_04) Please exit the train and listen for further instructions.
(term_pa_05) Please proceed to the next platform.
(term_pa_06) Non-resident shall proceed to the west side of the station and board an outbound train.
(term_pa_07) Please save all questions for processing officials. Do not attempt to question metropolitan security.
(term_pa_08) Residents of City-17 may depart and exit the station at the north gate. Please have proper identification and prepare to submit for scanning.
(term_pa_09) Welcome to City 17! Home of our Administrator – dr. Breen.
(term_pa_10) Dr. Been welcomes you to City 17.
(term_pa_11) The weather today is fair.


(term_pass_01) Which way?
(term_pass_02) We should keep moving.
(term_pass_03) Oh, I see it over there.
(term_pass_04) Mind your own business.
(term_pass_05) Don’t do anything stupid.

Barney scene (old)

(cit_me) Me?

(ba_notyouhim) Not you, him!

(mcop_youheardhim) You heard him, buddy.

(ba_talkingyou) Yeah I'm talking to you. Come on.


(mcop_wanthelp) Want some help?

(ba_allmine) Nope. This one’s all mine.

(mcop_hehheh) Hehheh.

(ba_whattookyou) Now… what the hell took you so long, Gordon?
(ba_itsme) It’s me! Barney from Black Mesa!
(ba_whathell01) Gordon, it's me!
(ba_whathell02) From Black Mesa.
(ba_whathell03) What the hell are you doing here?
(ba_cantstay01) We can’t stay here long, it will look suspicious. We’ve got to get you out of circulation. (ba_cantstay02) Luckily I spotted you before the system had a chance to do a full analysis, but I couldn’t entirely stop it.
(ba_cantstay03) Sooner or later the red flag is gonna go off.
(ba_alwayslast01) Would’ve been nice if someone told me you’re coming today.
(ba_alwayslast02) Jeez…
(ba_alwayslast03) Always the last to find out.
(ba_sorry01) Gordon, sorry about this, really.
(ba_sorry02) It's great to see you, and I wish we had time to catch up, but...

(ba_handoff01) Obviously I can’t be seen leaving here with you.
(ba_handoff02) I'm gonna have to hand you off to someone we trust, and meet up with you later at Doctor Kleiner's laboratory.
(ba_gotaguy01) Ok… let me think.
(ba_gotaguy02) I got a scout, let me signal him.
(ba_seethatguy01) There he is, okay?
(ba_seethatguy02) See that guy?
(ba_seethatguy03) He's gonna get you to Kleiner's lab.
(ba_seethatguy04) Just do what he says.
(ba_myguy01) You stay with my guy. He’ll meet you up in the plaza and get you to Kleiner’s lab.
(ba_myguy02) I assume you know what to do after that.
(ba_scout01) You can't be caught in here.
(ba_scout02) I'm gonna let you out on the plaza and our scout will find you.
(ba_scout03) Keep your head down, do what he says and you'll be fine.
(ba_scout04) Got it? Good.
(ba_lovetotalk) I’d like to talk about old times Gordon, but that’s gonna have to wait.
(ba_theywait) Come on now, they're waiting for you.
(ba_hurryitup) Hurry it up.
(ba_letsgo) Let’s go.
(ba_quick) Quick Gordon!


(ba_twoway) Careful, Gordon! That's a two-way monitor.


(ba_awaywindow) Get away from that window, Gordon, we don’t want anyone seeing you in here!


(ba_gottacall) Hold on a minute, I got to call the doc.

(ba_scanbooth01) Gordon! You’ve got nerve walking in there!
(ba_scanbooth02) Look, I'd send someone to help you, but things are getting jittery here.
(ba_scanbooth03) You'll have to get to Kleiner's lab on your own.
(ba_scanbooth04) See if you can find a way up to the skybridge where the prowl cars… uh, gotta go.

Barney scene (new)

(ba_youcomewith) You citizen. Come with me!

(mcop_youheardhim) You heard him, buddy.


(cit_helpmistake) Please, help me. There’s… There’s been some kind of mistake.

(mcop_whatreyoulookingat) What are you looking at?


(ba_rememberme) Heh heh, it's me, Gordon! Remember? Barney from Black Mesa?
(ba_sorryscare) Sorry for the scare. I had to put on a show for the cameras.
(ba_notsurprised) I'm not surprised if it took a minute.
(ba_ivechanged) I've changed a lot more than you have.
(ba_undercover) I've been working under cover as a, as a hack.

(kl_whatisit01) Yes Barney, what is it?
(kl_whatisit02) I'm in the middle of a critical test.

(ba_lookwho) Sorry, Doc, but, look who's here.

(kl_morewarn01) Good grief!
(kl_morewarn02) Gordon Freeman!
(kl_morewarn03) I expected more warning.

(ba_tellme01) Hey, you and me both.
(ba_tellme02) He was about to board the express to Nova Prospekt.

(kl_intend) Well, Barney, what do you intend?

(ba_thinking01) I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
(ba_thinking02) Okay
(ba_thinking03)You want him in your lab, right?

(kl_streetscan01) If you can get him here
(kl_streetscan02) But what's to keep him from being picked up by the street scanners?

(ba_verify01) He's not in the Human Index. Once that registers with the system, there's going to be trouble.
(ba_verify02) But for now he's transparent.
(ba_verify03) Listen, I'll do what I can to get him to your place.

(kl_whatsbest) Whatever you think is best.

(ba_gottago) I gotta go, Doc. We're taking enough chances as it is.

(kl_verywell) Very well, and uh, Gordon, good to see you.

(ba_getalook) Okay, get a look at this.
(ba_lookhere) Look here, Gordon.
(ba_terminalplaza01) That's the Terminal Plaza.
(ba_terminalplaza02) Look for citizens wearing a lambda.
(ba_talktothem01) Talk to them and they'll help you on your way.
(ba_talktothem02) Whatever you do, keep away from the hacks
(ba_talktothem03) Anyone who looks like me, right?
(ba_talktothem04) Listen, just keep a low profile.
(ba_meetyoulater01) I'll meet up with you later.
(ba_comeonletsgo) Now come on. Let's go.
(ba_farasIgo) Go on through. This is as far as I go.
(ba_goodluck) Hey Gordon, good luck!


(ba_goon) Go on!
(ba_goonup) Go on up!
(ba_keepmoving) Keep moving!
(ba_move) Move!
(ba_move01) I said move!
(ba_notthere) Not in there!
(ba_outofway) Out of the way!
(ba_overhere) Over here!
(ba_uphere) Get up here!
(ba_upthere) Get up there!
(ba_awayfrom) Get away from there!
(ba_getin) Get in!
(ba_inhere01) Get in here!
(ba_inhere) In here, let’s go!
(ba_backoff) Back off!
(ba_backup) Back up!
(ba_getupthere) Get up there!
(ba_againstwall) Get against the wall!
(ba_thatsit) Yeah, that’s it!
(ba_privacy) Yeah. I'm gonna need some privacy for this.
(ba_thatbeer01) Now…
(ba_thatbeer02) About that beer I owed ya
(ba_gotfriends) I’ve got friends out there, I’ll let them know you’re coming.
(ba_holdtight) Hold tight out there and I'll send someone to help you.

Terminal Plaza


(cit_term_ques01) I hate these places.
(cit_term_ques02) This is my third transfer this year.
(cit_term_ques03) I think I've been here before.
(cit_term_ques04) This place looks just like the last one.
(cit_term_ques05) I thought this was supposed to be an improvement.
(cit_term_ques06) I wonder why Doctor Breen picked this dump?
(cit_term_ques07) I think we're still in Europe.
(cit_term_ques08) I'm from Waukegan originally.
(cit_term_ques09) God I hate terminals.

(cit_term_ans01) You're telling me?
(cit_term_ans02) Keep it down!
(cit_term_ans03) Don't make a stink about it.
(cit_term_ans04) Keep your thoughts to yourself.
(cit_term_ans05) Who asked you?
(cit_term_ans06) No one cares.
(cit_term_ans07) You're asking for trouble.
(cit_term_ans08) Shut up!

Scout scene

(scout_psst) Hey, psst, buddy! Over here!
(scout_bfriend) Barney’s friend, right?
(scout_stickwith) Stick with me.
(scout_papers) Gotta see about getting you some papers, then we can get you where you're going.
(scout_stayclose) Stay close to me. I can't guarantee your safety if we get separated.

(scout_anyminute02) Let's wait here. Guy should be along any minute.


Metrocop 1:
(mcop_you) You!

Metrocop 2:
(mcop_youagain) You again!

(scout_heywait) Hey, wait a minute!

Metrocop 1:
(mcop_toldyou) Told you not come around here!

(scout_wrongguy) Hey, you've got the wrong guy!

Metrocop 2:
(mcop_lastwarn) You had your last warning!

(scout_mistake) This must be some kind of mistake!

Metrocop 1:
(mcop_badnewsguy) That guy is bad news. Stay away from him!

Metrocop 2:
(mcop_mindyerbiz) Mind your own business.

Metrocop 1:
(mcop_badcomp) Lucky I don’t bust you for keeping bad company!


(scout_anyminute) Should be along here any minute.

Stairs scene

(cit_goodtoseeyou) Good to see you though.
(cit_righttrack) You're on the right track.
(cit_comewithme) Come with me.
(cit_getdoor) Here, let me get the door.
(cit_hurrynow) Hurry now.


(mcop_whatup) You! What are you doing up here?
(mcop_oomph) Oomph!

Kleiner's Lab

(al_checkguyout01) Ahem
(al_checkguyout02) hmmm.
(al_checkguyout03) Check this out.
(al_checkguyout04) The last newspaper ever printed.
(al_checkguyout05) And this guy on the cover
(al_checkguyout06) Gordon Freeman?
(al_soundslikeyou) Sure looks a lot like you.
(al_sameguy) But this was a long time ago. How could you be the same guy?
(al_mysterious) Mysterious, aren't you?
(al_imalyx) Hi. I'm Alyx Vance.
(al_freemanright) Gordon Freeman, right?
(al_muchtrouble) I hope you made it here without too much trouble.
(al_docswaiting01) Well, come on.
(al_docswaiting02) Dr. Kleiner's waiting.
(al_docswaiting03) We've all been waiting.

(al_buyyoudrink03) Let me buy you a drink.
(al_dietregular) Diet or regular?


Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_blast) Blast that little. Where did she get to?
(kl_comeout) Lamarr. Come out of there.

(al_allrightdoc) Uh-oh. Everything all right, Doctor Kleiner?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_helloalyx01) Oh, hello, Alyx! Well, almost all right. Lamarr has gotten out of her crate again.
(kl_helloalyx02) If I didn't know better, I'd suspect Barney of trapping and ...
(kl_mygoodness01) My goodness!
(kl_mygoodness02) Gordon Freeman!
(kl_mygoodness03) It really is you, isn't it?

(al_foundhim) I found him wandering around outside. Bit of a troublemaker, isn't he?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_weowe) We owe a great deal to Dr. Freeman, even if trouble does tend to follow in his wake.
(kl_keepschedule) All the more reason to keep to our original schedule.

(al_myfather) Have you heard from my father yet?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_contacthim) I was just about to contact him.
(kl_opportunetime01) I must say, Gordon, you come at a very opportune time.
(kl_opportunetime02) Alyx has just installed the final piece for our resurrected teleport.

(al_takecredit) I can't take any credit for the breakthrough, Doctor.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_nonsense) Nonsense. Your talents surpass your loveliness.

(al_seeifitworks) Hah, let's just see if this thing works, okay?

(ba_ishehere) Well, is he here?
(ba_thereyouare) There you are!
(ba_hearthosesirens) Man, Gordon! You hear those sirens out there? You stirred up the hive.
(ba_cantkeephim01) We can't keep him here long, Doc.
(ba_cantkeephim02) It'll jeopardize everything you've worked for.

(al_comingwith) Don't worry. He's coming with me

(ba_troublealone01) Really?
(ba_troublealone02) I thought you had enough trouble getting through alone.

(al_notonfoot) We're not going on foot.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_redletterday01) That's right, Barney. This is a red letter day.
(kl_redletterday02) We'll inaugurate the new teleport with a double transmission!
(kl_redletterday03) First Alyx, and then Gordon.

(ba_itsworking01) You mean it's working?
(ba_itsworking02) For real this time?
(ba_itsworking03) Because
(ba_itsworking04) I still have nightmares about that cat

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_nownow01) Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about. We've made major strides since then.

(al_whatcat01) What cat?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_nownow02) Major strides.

(al_whatcat02) What cat?

(ba_outcivvies) Doc, since he's not taking the streets, you might as well get him out of his civvies.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_almostforgot) What? Oh dear. You're right, I almost forgot.
(kl_barneyhonor) Barney, I'll give you the honor.

(ba_myshift01)Huh,I've got to get back on my shift.
(ba_myshift02) But okay.

(ba_thingaway01) Here we go
(ba_thingaway02) Aaah!
(ba_thingaway03) Get that thing away from me!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_lamarr) Lamarr! There you are!

(ba_thatpest) I thought you got rid of that pest!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_debeaked) Certainly not! Never fear, Gordon, she's de-beaked and completely harmless.
(kl_fruitlessly) The worst she might do is attempt to couple with your head. Fruitlessly.

(ba_didtopartners01) I don't know how you can stand to keep that thing around.
(ba_didtopartners02) After what it did to your partners

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_notafly) Lamarr never hurt a fly. She was raised in captivity.
(kl_heremypet) Here, my pet. Hop up. No, not up there!

(ba_getitoff01) Damn it!
(ba_getitoff02) Get it off me!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_nocareful) No, no! Careful, Lamarr! Those are quite fragile!
(kl_dearme) Dear me.
(kl_coaxherout) Oh, fie! It'll be another week before I can coax her out of there.

(ba_longer) Yeah, longer if we're lucky.

(al_animalperson) Huh, Barney... You're not an animal person?

(ba_guh) guuhh!


Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_fitglove01) Well, Gordon, I see your HEV suit still fits you like a glove.
(kl_fitglove02) At least the glove parts do.
(kl_modifications01) I've made a few modifications, but I'll just acquaint you with the essentials. Now, let's see...
(kl_modifications02) The Mark V Hazardous Environment Suit has been redesigned for comfort and utility…
(kl_ohdear) Oh dear!

(ba_notime) Doc, we don’t have time for this.
(ba_juicedup) At least get that suit juiced up, Gordon.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_charger01) Good idea. There’s a charger on a wall.
(kl_charger02) I've modified your suit to draw power from Combine energy outlets, which are plentiful wherever they patrol.

(al_showonroad) Meanwhile, let’s get this show on the road.


(ba_needmyhelp) You need my help with anything?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_assistance) No offence, Barney, but it’s been a long time since I had the assistance of Doctor Freeman.

(ba_consideringlasttime) Considering what happened the last time you guys worked together, maybe that's a good thing.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_waitmyword) Gordon, why don't you position yourself near the panel over there and wait for my word?

Eli Vance:
(eli_areyouthere) Isaac, are you there?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_holdup01) Yes, yes Eli, bit of a holdup on this end.
(kl_holdup02) You'll never guess who found his way into our lab this morning.

Eli Vance:
(eli_notwhoithink) That's not who I think it is, is it?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_packing01) Indeed it is.
(kl_packing02) And it's our intention to send him packing straight away in the company of your lovely daughter.

(al_readyforus) Are you ready for us, Dad?

Eli Vance:
(eli_allset) We're all set on this end.

(al_letsdoit) Then let's do it.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_masslessfieldflux) Let's see. The massless field flux should self-limit, and I've clamped the manifold parameters to... CY base and LG orbifold... Hilbert inclusive.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_moduli02) Conditions could hardly be more ideal.

(ba_saidlasttime) That's what you said last time.

(al_aboutthecat) Hey, uh, yeah. About that cat...

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_initializing) Initializing in three... two... one...
(kl_fiddlesticks) Oh, fiddlesticks. What now?

(al_throwswitch)You gonna let Gordon throw the switch?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_finalsequence) Very good. Final sequence.Commencing...now.

(ba_cantlook) I can’t look.

(al_woohoo) Woohoo!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_splendid) Splendid!

(ba_woodsyet) We ain't outta woods yet.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_diditwork) Well, did it work?

Eli Vance:
(eli_seeforyourself) See for yourself.

(al_heydoc) Hey Doc!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_relieved) Oh, thank goodness. My relief is almost palpable.

Eli Vance:
(eli_phenom01) This is phenomenal.
(eli_phenom02) Fantastic work, Izzy.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_credit) Well I can't take all the credit, Doctor Freeman proved an able assistant.

Eli Vance:
(eli_bringthrough) Let's go ahead and bring Gordon through now.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_fewmoments01) Right you are.
(kl_fewmoments02) Speak to you again in a few moments.

(ba_sarcastic01) Good job, Gordon!
(ba_sarcastic02) Throwin' that switch and all.
(ba_sarcastic03) I can see your MIT education really pays for itself.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_barneysturn) Alright, Barney. Your turn.

(ba_geethanks) Gee, thanks.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_getinposition) Gordon, as soon as you're in position, we'll send you to Eli's.

(ba_nottoosoon01) And not a moment too soon.


Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_excellent) Excellent!
(kl_initializing02) Initializing in three...two...one...
(kl_besokind) Barney? If you'd be so kind?

(ba_goodluck02) Good luck out there, Gordon!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_projectyou) Yes, indeed. We're ready to project you, Gordon.
(kl_bonvoyage) Bon voyage, and best of luck in your future endeavors.
(kl_finalsequence02) Final sequence.

(ba_whatthehell) What the hell?!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_whatisit) What is it?

(ba_headhumper01) It's your pet, the freaking headhumper!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_hedyno01) Lamarr!
(kl_hedyno02) Hedy!
(kl_hedyno03) No!

(ba_headhumper02) Look out!


(ba_thereheis) There he is!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_islamarr) Is Lamarr with him?

(ba_forgetthatthing) Forget about that thing!


(al_comingthru) He’s coming through, dad

Eli Vance:
(eli_notquite01) I see him…
(eli_notquite02) He's not quite there.
(eli_notquite03) What… what's going on, Judith?

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_interfer) I'm not sure, it seems to be some kind of interference.

Eli Vance:
(eli_stayput) Gordon, stay put. We'll get you out of there.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_drawing) Something is drawing him away.

Eli Vance:
(eli_dontunder01) I don't understand
(eli_dontunder02) There's no other receiver that could...


Dr. Breen:
(br_tele_02) What's the meaning of this?
(br_tele_03) Who are you?
(br_tele_05) How did you get in here?


(ba_hesback01) Hey, hey, he’s back!
(ba_hesback02) I’m getting him outta there.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_cantwade) You can't just wade into the field, it will peel you apart!

(al_lostgordon) We just lost Gordon!
(al_whatsgoingon) What’s going on?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_wishiknew) I wish I knew!
(kl_interference) I’m encountering unexpected interference!

(ba_dontworry01) Don’t worry Gordon, we’ll…


(al_thereheis) There he is!

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_losinghim) Ah, we're losing him again!

Eli Vance:
(eli_holdsignal) Hold the signal, Judith!

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_icant) I can't!


Dr. Breen:
(br_significant) This is a significant development. As soon hear from my contact, we can make our move. The only potential drawback is that man, the one I saw!
(br_thereheis) There he is again!


Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_hesnotthere) What do you mean he's not there?

Eli Vance:
(eli_didntcomethru) He didn't come through.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_thenwhere) Then, where is he?

Eli Vance:
(eli_behindyou) Behind you!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_ahhhh) Aahhhh!

Eli Vance:
(eli_shutdown) Shut it down, shut it down!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_getoutrun01) Gordon!
(kl_getoutrun02) You must get out of here!
(kl_getoutrun03) Run!

(ba_getoutofsight01) Get down outta sight!
(ba_getoutofsight02) I’ll come find you.


(al_buymeadrink) Mind buying me a drink?
(al_buyyoudrink01) Hm.
(al_buyyoudrink02) Here.
(al_gotcompany01) Dr. Kleiner?
(al_gotcompany02) We've got company.
(al_moveon01) Ahem…
(al_moveon02) …Let’s get a move on!
(al_wontlook) Don’t worry, I won’t look.
(al_docsays01) If dr. Kleiner says you should wear that thing…
(al_docsays02) …You should wear it.
(al_figureclothes) How hard can it be to figure out your clothes…
(al_careful) Careful there.
(al_nocombine) Uh, we don't want the whole Combine coming down on us.
(al_screechinghalt) What did I expect from the man who brought civilization to a screeching halt?
(al_dadsays01)My dad says, back at Black Mesa, you couldn't walk into a room without breaking a beaker.
(al_dadsays02)Or making the microwave oven explode.
(al_unplugged) I think this came unplugged.
(al_plugitin) Would you mind plugging it in?
(al_pickplug) Pick up the plug.
(al_socket) There's the socket.
(al_itsthere) It’s right there, Gordon.
(al_there) Uh, there!
(al_thatsit) That’s it!
(al_cmonfreeman) Errrm, dr. Freeman, c’mon.
(al_keepitgoing) Keep it going, Gordon.
(al_theswitch) The switch, dr. Freeman.
(al_thanks) Great, thanks!
(al_givemeahand)Could you give me a hand here?
(al_gogetyou) I wonder if I was gonna go up and get you.
(al_handle) Nothing I can’t handle.
(al_herewego)Here we go.
(al_problemdoc) Uh, Doctor, is there a problem?
(al_reputation)I see you're living up to your reputation already.
(al_standback) Stand back.
(al_theplug)Uh, Doctor? The plug?
(al_uhoh) Uh-oh.
(al_youmadeit)You made it!

Dr. Kleiner
(kl_slipin01) Well, Gordon, go ahead,
(kl_slipin02) slip into your suit now.
(kl_suitfits01) Gordon, if you please,
(kl_suitfits02) I’m eager to see if your old suit still fits.
(kl_delaydanger) Gordon, the longer you delay, the greater the danger to us all.
(kl_gordongo) Gordon, go right ahead.
(kl_gordonthrow) Throw your switch, Gordon.
(kl_yourturn) It’s your turn, Gordon.
(kl_alreadydone) It looks like he’s done it already.
(kl_cantcontinue) We can’t continue until you’re in the teleport chamber, Gordon.
(kl_ensconced) Once you're safely ensconced in the transmitter, we can begin.
(kl_excellent02) Excellent!
(kl_gooduseofyou) I’m sure Eli’s team will make good use of you.
(kl_illeffects)Any ill effects, Alyx?
(kl_moduli) Just checking for potential module interferences in the interstices.
(kl_moduli01) Just checking for potential module interferences in the interstices.
(kl_pleasegordon01) Please Gordon!
(kl_pleasegordon02)Put on your suit.
(kl_plugusin) Dear me, you’re right. Gordon, would you mind plugging us in?
(kl_relieved_alt) Well, that’s a tremendous relief!
(kl_scanners01)The scanners? No. We’re well shielded, but I share your sense of urgency.
(kl_scanners02)Go ahead, Gordon. Step into the teleport.
(kl_warming) Ah, warming up nicely!

(ba_suitup) Time to suit up, Gordon.
(ba_getsuiton) Get your suit on, Gordon.
(ba_notimetofool01) Come on, Gordon.
(ba_notimetofool02) We don’t have time to fool around, get your suit on.
(ba_dontblameyou) Okay, I don’t blame you for hesitating, but if we’re gonna do this thing let’s just get through it.
(ba_getamoveon) Gordon, get a move on!
(ba_doctorate)What, don’t I need a doctorate or something for this?
(ba_dontworry02) …get you outta there!
(ba_nottoosoon02)Could they be detecting this?
(ba_sarcastic04) And your work with the extension cord! Man,
(ba_sarcastic05)beautifull stuff!

Eli Vance:
(eli_dontunder03) …possibly pull him in.
(eli_fewmoments01) Doctor Freeman? Gordon?
(eli_fewmoments02) I’ll be seeing you here in just a few moments.
(eli_glad) Glad to hear it. Looks like everything is coming together then?
(eli_lastthing) The last thing we’d want is to send him here on foot.

Dr. Breen:
(br_tele_01) What?
(br_tele_04) Where did you come from?
(br_tele_06) Help! Help, now!
(br_tele_07) Is that?... Can that be who I think it is?
(br_tele_08) Is it? I... You... Gordon Freeman.
(br_tele_09) Guards! Guards! In here, now!
(br_tele_10) Hold it, there!

Barney urges you to hurry to get away from the lab.
Barney tells player to fall back and follow him.
Barney tells you to keep going, he’ll cover you.


Boxcar Phil (old)

"Hey there! Over here! I'm Boxcar Philly... blah blah blah..."

Boxcar Phil (new)

(boxcarphil01a) Who the hell are you, busting in here?

(boxcarvort01b) Leave him be. He is known to us.

(boxcarphil02a) So? Known to you? What's he to me?

(boxcarvort02b) He is here to help us all. Let him pass.

(boxcarphil03a) I'll let him pass all right. Let you pass. Damn vortigaunt.

(boxcarvort03b) Go quickly, and do not look back.

(boxcarphil04) What he said!


(cit2_upthere2) Up there, up there!

(water02) Hold back the remotes.

Drainage Doug (old)

"Hey get out of here! They'll kill us all if they find us!"

Drainage Doug (new)

(drainage_doug) Hey, you in trouble buddy? Keep on the way you're headed, there's ways in here.


(whistle_loop) [whistle]
(who00) Who's there?
(joe00) It's you! The one they're hunting for! Get the hell out of here, you'll get us all killed!

Temp Canals

Theres no way thru, you're gonna have to swim under and meet me around the corner.

Under greet

(undergreet01) Who the hell are you?
(undergreet02) Hey, new guy, we don't want any trouble down here.
(undergreet03) You must be new down here.
(undergreet04) What are you doing down here?
(undergreet05) Who's that?

Vienna sausages


(hobo1_whatsthatcan) What's that can you got there, Regis?

(hobo2_dunno) Dunno. The label come off. I figured we'd open 'er up and find out.

(hobo3_fittoeat) Wait a minute, wait a minute with that thing. How do you know it's fit to eat? How do you know it ain't got botulism?

(hobo2_aintgotwhat) Ain't got what?

(hobo3_youknow) You know. If your can's all dinged in, it might have botulism.

(hobo1_dingedin) Dinged in? I - I thought that was if it was all swole up.

(hobo3_what) What?

(hobo2_whichisit) Well, fellas. Dinged, swole up, which is it?

(hobo3_dontremember) I don't remember. Let's have a look at that can. Well, shit. This can's all swole up and dinged in.

(hobo1_figgers) Uh, figgers. We're screwed either way.

(hobo2_suityerself) Suit yourself. More for me.

(hobo3_lifeinhands) Taking your life in your hands, Regis. Botulism is the silent killer.

(hobo1_highblood) I thought that was high blood pressure.

(hobo3_highblood) High blood pressure? No one dies from that anymore.

(hobo2_gastro) I thought gastrointestinal stasis was the silent killer.

(hobo3_nopebotch) Nope. It's botulism.

(hobo2_stilleatinit) I'm still eatin it.

(hobo1_hepc) What about hepatitis C? People still die of that, don't they?

(hobo3_aintsilent) Yeah, but that ain't exactly silent.

(hobo2_mansgotpoint) Man's got a point.

(hobo1_shutupeat) Shut up and eat your botulism.

(hobo2_vienna) Shit! Vienna sausages! I can't eat these!


There’s an ambush ahead and you’re gonna need my help to get through it.
I’ll get the barge ready, but we’re gonna need at least 5 propane tanks to be safe. You’ll see why ahead.
Ok, that’s good enough. Hop on my barge and let’s head out.
Load up that launcher! I’ll draw the helicopter into range.


(monk_fire01) I have cried out to thee, O Light of Lights, and thou hast heard me.
(monk_fire02) Have mercy on my once-beloved Sampsa. Let me remember his former face, and obliterate my memory of what he has become.


(monk_greet03) You never should have come here, brother. You and all who follow you are doomed.
(monk_greet04) I would welcome you, but soon it may be you I throw upon the fire.
(monk_greet07) Well. If you can survive, then I will take that as a sign. Press on until you see my church, and then perhaps we can work together.


(monk_balc01) Look here, brother!
(monk_balc02) You survived! There is hope for you if you can reach the church.
(monk_theycome) They come.
(monk_balc04) Quickly-find the gun!
(monk_balc07) Very good, brother! Keep it close!
(monk_balc08) Now, brother - get to the church. I will meet you there!
(monk_balc09) They come!
(monk_balc10) Hurry!
(monk_balc11) Run!
(monk_balc12) Remember - keep out of the streets!
(monk_balc13) To the church!


(monk_balc01) Look here, brother!
(monk_bucket01) You are almost there, brother! Now wait while I send a bucket for you!
(monk_bucket02) Guard yourself well! This will take but a moment!


(monk_yard01) Greetings, my brother! It is truly remarkable what you have done. You are the first to survive the streets of Ravenholm since the enemy first swept us with its shadow.
(monk_yard02) I have been alone here so long. Forgive me if I seem unfit for proper company. Still, I will make a place for you. And though I have little enough to offer, please consider all I have to be yours.
(monk_yard03) Now come, let us enter the sanctuary. Be wary still, for even here there are dangers.


Obsolete monk

(monk_01) Judge, oh Lord, those who do injustice to me. Fight for those who fight with me.
(monk_02) Thou hast caused my companions to be distant from me and those that know me on account of my wretchedness.
(monk_03) Whoa to me, for my dwelling was far off and I was in the dwelling of the chaos.
(monk_04) And I flattered those merciless ones, and when I flattered them they attacked me without cause.
(monk_05) May they become like dust before the wind and may the Angel of the Lord pursue them. (May their paths become dark and slippery and may the Angel of the Lord afflict them.)
(monk_06) For without cause they have hidden from me a snare to their own destruction and in vain they have slandered my soul.
(monk_07) May the snare which they do not know come to them and may the net which they have hidden from me catch them and may they fall into the snare.
(monk_08) I commend you to the light my beloved Jakov and wish you peace from this place of chaos. Go and join your family in the place of glory, flee from the desertions of the demiurge.


(monk_greet01) You! What brings you here? Have you not heard that Ravenholm is no longer safe?
(monk_greet02a) Once this was a haven, but now it is a town accursed. Evil spawns in the depths.
(monk_greet02b) Darkness has its heart here, and I am unable to still that cursed pulse.
(monk_greet05) Do not look to me for help, unless you are a man of stronger metal.
(monk_greet06) Perhaps, you have come in answer to my prayers? I have begged for a companion to make this place again a haven. Are you that one?


(monk_savior) I was hoping for another kind of savior, but you'll have to do.

(monk_stake) You must find the heart of evil and drive a stake through it.

(monk_curse01) To lift the curse from this town, it's too much for one man.

(monk_evil) You have found the source of evil. Good.

(monk_balc03) I concealed a gun behind those pallets. You take it.
(monk_balc03a) Here! Before you go, you might find it useful.
(monk_balc03b) I have concealed some ammunition behind those pallets.
(monk_balc05) Behind those pallets, brother!
(monk_balc06) The gun! Quickly!

(monk_wrong01) How came you here? Did I not tell you to seek the church? You must get out of the streets, brother!
(monk_wrong02) Still, my hopes for you are improving. You may not be the savior I was hoping for, but perhaps you will do after all.

(monk_fire03) I am numbered with those who have gone down to the pit. I have become like a man without a helper.


(monk_overhere) Over here, brother!
(monk_closer) Come closer.
(monk_allover) I've been looking all over for you.
(monk_bettergun) I found a better gun for you. You'll need it.
(monk_catch) Catch!
(monk_gunquick) Quickly - take the gun!
(monk_hurry) Hurry!
(monk_keepitclose) Good - now, keep it close.
(monk_hush) Hush!
(monk_keepoutstreet) Keep out of the streets!
(monk_moveon) We can't stay here. Move on, I will meet you at the church.
(monk_partner) I warned you not to come this way! But I confess, a partner would be welcome.
(monk_run) Run!
(monk_sothere) So there you are!
(monk_stirredup) You stirred up Hell! Heh, a man after my own heart!
(monk_takethis) Here, take this.
(monk_tochurch) To the church!
(monk_toomany) There are too many!
(monk_verygoodbro) Very good, brother.

Eli's Lab

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_airlock01) Take it easy in there. You're safe now.
(mo_airlock02) You're among friends.
(mo_airlock03) Doctor Freeman?
(mo_airlock04) Gordon Freeman, is that you?
(mo_airlock06) You've made it here this quickly? Well, Eli will be absolutely amazed.
(mo_scanning01) You'll have to forgive the scanning process. We can't take any chances.
(mo_scanning02) But it shouldn't be much longer now.
(mo_introduce01) I'm sorry, I've completely forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Dr. Mossman. Dr. Judith Mossman.
(mo_introduce02) Our paths have never actually crossed before, but I feel as if I know you.
(mo_introduce03) I've been hearing about you since long before the Black Mesa incident.
(mo_introduce04) Oh, that must have been amazing. Working so close with Eli and Dr. Kleiner when they were at the top of their field.
(mo_introduce06) Oh, Black Mesa...
(mo_comethrunow) Ah. There we go. You can come through now.


Dr. Mossman:
(mo_taketoeli) I'll take you to Eli right now, he'd never forgive me if I kept you waiting.
(mo_extrahelp01) We could certainly use the extra help around here. We've covered a lot of ground in the last few weeks, but
(mo_extrahelp02) things would go so much faster if we had more people with your training.
(mo_extrahelp03) We're closing in on a reliable local teleport technology,
(mo_extrahelp04) something the Combine still hasn't mastered.
(mo_extrahelp05) Eli thinks their portals are string-based, similar to our Calabi-Yau model,
(mo_extrahelp06) but they've failed to factor in Dark Energy equations.
(mo_extrahelp07) They can tunnel through from their universe, but once they're here -
(mo_extrahelp08) they're dependent on local transportation.
(mo_extrahelp09) If they knew what we're doing with entanglement…
(mo_postdoc01) Oh, listen to me, I sound like a post-doc.
(mo_postdoc02) I'm just so excited to think that we'll finally have the chance to work together.
(mo_relay01) Dr. Kleiner compressed the Xen Relay far beyond anything he imagined at Black Mesa.
(mo_relay02) We've figured out how to use Xen as an unexpressed axis, effectively a dimensional slingshot,
(mo_relay03) so we can swing around the borderworld and come back in local space without having to pass through.


Dr. Mossman:
(mo_hereseli01) Oh!
(mo_hereseli02) Here's Eli now.
(mo_lookwho01) Eli.
(mo_lookwho02) Look who I found in the airlock.

Eli Vance:
(eli_letmelook01) I heard, I heard!
(eli_letmelook03) Gordon Freeman!
(eli_letmelook04) Let me get a look at you.
(eli_letmelook05) My God, you haven't changed one iota, man.
(eli_letmelook07) I've been saying all along, Gordon will come when the time is right.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_nodoubt) I didn't doubt you for a minute, Eli.

Eli Vance:
(eli_writsmall01) Well, come in, come in.
(eli_writsmall02) You'll feel right at home here. It's Black Mesa writ small.
(eli_shiny04) I still recall the first day you joined our team at Black Mesa.
(eli_shiny05) Dr. Shiny Penny in your clean, white lab coat.
(eli_shiny06) And look at you now.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_dresscode) The dress code has relaxed a bit, hasn't it?

Eli Vance:
(eli_hardroads01) Well, we've come by some hard roads, haven't we?
(eli_hardroads02) I count myself lucky to be here at all.
(eli_hardroads03) Damn few us escaped Black Mesa.
(eli_hardroads04) Damn few.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_eli01) Eli...

Eli Vance:
(eli_crater01) What's important is that we survived.
(eli_crater04) And I've got my daughter with me.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_difference) It's going to make a huge difference having Gordon's help.

Eli Vance:
(eli_mit01) Right you are.
(eli_mit04) We'll get you out of that hazard suit and back into your lab coat.
(eli_mit05) Where you belong.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_digup01) I'll see what I can dig up.
(mo_digup02) Are you two alright for now?

Eli Vance:
(eli_fine01) We'll be fine.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_realhonor01) Sure.
(mo_realhonor02) Dr. Freeman.
(mo_realhonor03) It's been a real honor.
(mo_realhonor04) I'm looking forward to working together.


Eli Vance:
(eli_budget01) Fine scientist, Judith.
(eli_budget02) She would have been at Black Mesa, if our budget hadn't been so tight.
(eli_budget04) But you edged her out in light of your work at Innsbruck.
(eli_budget05) It could have been her in the test chamber that day...


Eli Vance:
(eli_dwell01) I don't like to dwell on those days.
(eli_dwell02) Pointless.
(eli_dwell04) Only thing we can do is press on.
(eli_dwell05) Try to repair the damage.


Eli Vance:
(eli_teleport01) Here now, this is our teleport.
(eli_teleport03) Still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong there.


(al_doyouread) Dad? Dad, this is Alyx. Do you read?

Eli Vance:
(eli_whereyou) Alyx, honey, where are you?

(al_south01) Approaching the south entrance.
(al_south02) There's a lot of Antlion activity out here, but not sign of Gordon Freeman.

Eli Vance:
(eli_withme) Well, as a matter of fact, he's right here with me.

(al_joking01) What? You're joking?
(al_joking02) You're serious?
(al_joking03) How’d he get past me?

Eli Vance:
(eli_askhim01) You can ask him yourself.
(eli_askhim02) We're in the lab.

(al_bethere01) Alright Dad, I'll be right there.
(al_bethere02) I... I can't believe he got through.
(al_bethere03) Out!

Eli Vance:
(eli_impressed01) *laugh*
(eli_impressed02) You've impressed her.
(eli_impressed03) She knows how hard it is out there.
(eli_impressed07) If anything were to happen to her...
(eli_youwerethere01) Sorry, Gordon.
(eli_youwerethere03) I know you understand.


Eli Vance:
(eli_techlib02) You might recall at Black Mesa, we thought we were a decade away from harnessing the zero point energy field.
(eli_techlib03) Turns out the heavy lifting was done for us by the Combine.
(eli_techlib04) This is our zero point weapon. Our gravity gun.
(eli_techlib01) Built this around a little piece of tech Alyx liberated on one of her... expeditions.
(eli_techlib05) Go ahead and try it.
(eli_2mode) It's got two modes: Standard and asymmetric. Try them both.


Eli Vance:
(eli_alyxsweet) Alyx, sweetheart.

(al_hidad) Hi, Dad.
(al_riled01) So, where is the troublemaker?
(al_riled02) I've never seen the Antlions so riled.

Eli Vance:
(eli_righthand01) I believe you've met Alyx.
(eli_righthand02) She's my right hand gal.

(al_lefthand) Oh? You mean old Mossie left me a hand?

Eli Vance:
(eli_nownow) Now, now.

(al_tour01) I'm not starting anything.
(al_tour02) I suppose she already gave him the tour.

Eli Vance:
(eli_myself) As a matter of fact, I was showing him around myself.

(al_olddays01) Oh, let me do it, Dad.
(al_olddays02) There's stuff I'd like to ask Gordon.
(al_olddays03) You know,
(al_olddays04) about the old days.

Eli Vance:
(eli_micro01) Sure, you go ahead.
(eli_micro02) Gordon, you hold onto that zero-point gun for a while.

(al_stirredup02) I want Gordon to see what he stirred up.
(al_stirredup03) If he's gonna walk in the Antlions den he might as well learn to tread lightly.
(al_onepiece) I'll bring him back in one piece.

Eli Vance:
(eli_fineidea03) You're in the best possible hands.


(al_oldrecord01) I've gotta say, I think you broke my old record for getting here on foot from Dr. Kleiner's Lab.
(al_oldrecord02) Still, you'd have made better time if you hadn't try to brute-force your way through the Antlion zones. There's a subtler way of dealing with…
(al_oldrecord03) Uh-oh.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_excuseus01) Oh! Hello Alyx, back already?
(mo_excuseus02) I wonder if you'd excuse us for a minute.
(mo_youropinion) Gordon, I wanted to ask you if you could take a look at our portal station. I'm interesting in your opinion on the Xen relay configuration. Maybe Dr. Kleiner said something to you about the…

(al_canthiswait) Uh, Judith, can this wait? We've got somewhere else to be.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_important) Excuse me, Alyx, Dr. Freeman's presence here is extremely important for the continuation of our work.

(al_conduct01) Which is exactly why I'm making sure he knows the rules of conduct.
(al_conduct02) It's gonna be hard to keep hidden if he stirs the Antlions every time he steps outside. Now if you'll excuse us.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_goodpoint) Alright, that's a good point. But bring him to the portal lab as soon as you're done, please.

(al_illdothat) I'll do that.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_outthere) Be careful out there, Gordon.


(al_honest01) Heh. So you've met Dr. Mossman.
(al_honest02) She's one of the reasons I spend so much time outside.
(al_comedog01) Dog, come!
(al_comedog02) Come here boy!
(al_thisisdog01) Gordon, this is Dog.
(al_thisisdog02) My dad built him years ago to keep track of me.
(al_thisisdog03) Be my little buddy while I was scavenging around.
(al_thisisdog04) That was the first model. He was about... yay-high.
(al_thisisdog05) I've been adding to him ever since.
(al_thisisdog06) Haven't I, boy?
(al_omgscanners01) Oh my God.
(al_omgscanners02) Those are scanners.
(al_omgscanners03) Gordon, get back inside, we've gotta warn…
(al_theyknow01) They know.
(al_theyknow02) Quick. Get in.


(al_fullwave) Dad. We just saw a full wave of scanners coming in.

Eli Vance:
(eli_pickedup01) I know. We picked them up to.
(eli_pickedup03) Where are you now?

(al_autocycle) We're in the airlock, stuck in a full auto cycle unless someone can override it!

Eli Vance:
(eli_north) Is Gordon with you?

(al_yes) Yeah!

Eli Vance:
(eli_letmethink01) Good.
(eli_letmethink02) Well.

(al_dad_ques01) Dad?

Eli Vance:
(eli_evac01) Gordon, I want you to stay with Alyx.
(eli_evac02) Everyone else knows the evacuation procedures.

(al_notgoing) We're not going anywhere without…
(al_dad_scared01) Dad?
(al_dad_scared02) Dad!
(al_dogairlock01) Damnit!
(al_dogairlock02) Dog. Open the airlock, get us out of here.
(al_getitopen01) Hurry!
(al_getitopen02) No, tear it apart if you have to. Just get it open.


(al_omgno) Oh my God. No!
(al_fatherwhere) My father. Where?

(vort_taken) Taken with the Mossman.

(al_scouts01) No!
(al_scouts02) Where? Use your scouts. Can you see them?

(vort_deadsea) Yes, we are watching. Over that dead sea, above the razor trains, the route to Nova Prospekt.

(al_keepwatch01) Oh, no...
(al_keepwatch02) Oh, please…
(al_keepwatch03) Keep watching.
(al_goafter01) Gordon.
(al_goafter02) We have to go after them.
(al_trackthem) Put the word out. Make sure you track them as far as you can. If they change course, we need to know.
(al_thisway) Come on, Gordon. This way.


(al_stirredup01) Dad, you got plenty of time to talk about this later.

Eli Vance:
(eli_letmelook02) How could I not?
(eli_letmelook06) This is sensational.
(eli_letmelook08) See, Judith? My sources aren't entirely unreliable.
(eli_shiny01) Yes, he wouldn't have lasted long out here
(eli_shiny02) But we've all made sacrifices, eh, Gordon?
(eli_shiny03) I detect a bit of weathering.
(eli_mit02) MIT graduates are few and far between these days.
(eli_mit03) And I mean to make full use of you.
(eli_dwell03) Can't bring back any of it, except for what I brought with me.
(eli_fine02) I'll show Gordon around and then I'm sure he's going to want to rest.
(eli_budget03) She even had the administrator's recommendation.
(eli_budget06) If things that gone differently.
(eli_basehouse01) We were living in base housing, you know.
(eli_basehouse02) When I made it back there right before the end, I found only Alyx.
(eli_basehouse03) She had her mother's wedding ring in her hand, but she couldn't tell me how she'd gotten it.
(eli_basehouse04) Those days are blank for her.
(eli_basehouse05) Sometimes I wish it were the same for me.
(eli_basehouse06) I can still only guess what might have happened to my wife.
(eli_basehouse07) One of the missing.
(eli_basehouse08) One of the millions who were lost.
(eli_crater02) Black Mesa is a crater now.
(eli_crater03) But we're still here...
(eli_youwerethere02) But you were there.
(eli_impressed04) She's not only a gifted engineer, she's a first class scavenger.
(eli_impressed05) I've gotten my hands on quite a few pieces of Combine technology, thanks to Alyx.
(eli_impressed06) Of course, she's learned not to tell me how she gets this stuff.
(eli_impressed08) She's all I have left after Black Mesa.
(eli_letmethink03) Let me think a moment.
(eli_micro03) I'd like to get your ideas about how to take the microfield variation, toward a more general propulsion system.
(eli_writsmall03) You got a look at Izzy Kleiner's lab, didn't you?
(eli_writsmall04) It's phenomenal what he has accomplished in those conditions.
(eli_writsmall05) Here, we have a bit more freedom.
(eli_otherhand) On the other hand, we got something else that works just fine.
(eli_askhim03) I'm about to give him a look at the gravity gun.
(eli_natural01) Good job.
(eli_natural02) I can see you're a natural with the zero point gun.
(eli_whoa01) Whoa.
(eli_whoa02) Be careful.
(eli_granddaddy01) The granddaddy of that device was used to manipulate the hazardous materials in the Combine's portal reactors.
(eli_granddaddy02) Extremely dangerous environments.
(eli_mockup01) That's a mockup of a portal core over there.
(eli_mockup02) Let me see how quickly you can phase it to critical.
(eli_mockup03) This is something we figure we're going to have to get good at.
(eli_verygood) Very good.
(eli_realcore01) Now, if that were a real portal core.
(eli_realcore02) You'd have about five minutes to get out of the range before it detonated.
(eli_tryit) Go on through there and try it out.
(eli_comeout) Gordon, when you're through in there, why don't you come on out?
(eli_fineidea01) That's a fine idea.
(eli_fineidea02) We'll get back together in a little bit, Gordon.
(eli_pickedup02) This couldn't have come at a worse time.
(eli_evac03) Alyx, as soon as you're through, head for the coast through outlet.
(eli_evac04) Take Dog with you.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_airlock05) But yesterday you were in Kleiner's lab, I saw you on the monitor, you…
(mo_introduce05) They're doing amazing work now, of course, considering our limitations, but still...
(mo_sacrif) Eli made a lot of sacrifices to get Dr. Kleiner into the city.


Crane scene

Gordon, get in the vehicle.

Crane operator:
(cr_pier01) Gordon, come back up! Car's on the pier!
(cr_pier02) I said get back up on the pier!
(cr_pier03) Gordon, you're not getting anywhere on foot. Come back up and get in the car.
(cr_playerincar) Good. Here we go.
(cr_magfail) Damn. Magnet's failing. Hold on.
(cr_sorry) Er, sorry Gordon.
(cr_gravgun) Use your Gravity Gun and flip that jeep over again.
(cr_driveforfeel) Why don't you take a spin around the beach until you got a feel for the car? When you're done, head for the slope, down by the water.
(cr_antlions) Watch out for Antlions.
(cr_ramp) There's a ramp ahead. Keep going straight, you'll be alright.
(cr_rockslide) You never gonna get traction in that gravel. Try the slope down by the water.
(cr_surfaces) Yeah, you gonna wanna be careful in mud gravel. You get stuck, try turbo boost, get yourself out. Or you might want to just get out of the car and push with your Gravity Gun.
(cr_steep) Okay, this is a steep slope. You'll have to use your turbo boost to get up there.
(cr_turbojump) There's a jump up ahead. Gonna need to use your turbo to get across.
(cr_smallbarr) Pay those small bars no mind. You can smash right through 'em.
(cr_bigbarr) Now, those big barriers... I need a blast from your Tau Cannon. Sure to charge it up real good before you fire.
(cr_excellent) Excellent.


RPG guy (Cubbage):
(cit2_overhere1) Hey, over here!
(cit2_overhere2) Over here!
(overhere01) Yo, over here!
(rpgguy_greet) So you're Freeman, huh? The Vort said you're on a way.

(uhoh) Uh-oh
(gunship01) Gunship!
(gunship02) Gunship!

RPG guy (Cubbage):
(rpgguy_showyou) Well, come with me and I'll show you how to shoot down these Gunships?
(rpgguy_outsmart) You gotta outsmart them. If they can get a beat on your rocket, they'll shoot it down.


Come with me and I’ll open the gate for you.
Don’t you need your jeep?


RPG guy (Cubbage):
(cubbage01) Okay, watch while I take this puppy down.
(cubbage02) Witness the beauty of a master at work.
(cubbage03) Watch closely now, Freeman.
(rpgguy_doasisay) Do as I say, not as I do.
(rpgguy_watchthis) Haha, watch this.


Carefull, the Combine have taken over this facility
I used to be a crane operator. The old thing still works, but there’s been no occasion to use it for years.


Hey man, it’s a map of the region.
I can C17 and the Gulag and everything.



Dr. Breen:
(br_disturb) We've been receiving disturbing security alerts from your area.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_promised) I'm not calling about that… You promised you weren't going to touch Eli.

Dr. Breen:
(br_overzealous) The soldiers were a bit overzealous, I admit, but he was too tempting a prize to simply turn loose, especially in the absence of Gordon Freeman.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_signal) You would have had Freeman if you'd been patient and just waited for my signal.

Dr. Breen:
(br_loyalties) We weren't entirely sure you were ever going to get around to that, human loyalties being what they are.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_asistated) Dr. Bre… As I have stated before, you have to let Eli come around on his own you can't just…

Dr. Breen:
(br_blinded) I have known Dr. Vance far longer than you, my dear. I'm afraid your feelings for him may have blinded you to some simple realities. He's entirely too stubborn ever to…

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_feelings) Feelings? This has nothing to do with feelings. It's a simple truth that when Eli believes in our cause, his followers will come along with him. The struggle will end. All those lives will be saved.

Dr. Breen:
(br_believe) He will never believe what you and I believe. And as for those who follow him, well, the only certain way to change their minds is to revitalize, reeducate and readequate them.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_puppet) Freeman, yes! But he's already someone's puppet. Use him however you like, but not Eli, he's only worth anything with his intellect intact.

Dr. Breen:
(br_leeway01) This is not open to debate, Dr. Mossman.
(br_leeway02) I will allow some leeway. This time. Because I know that emotion still has its hold on you.
(br_leeway03) Your intentions are noble, but your assessment of the situation is... lacking!
(br_leeway04) Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed that someone in your position…
(br_leeway05) Well, I can't tell you how to improve your performance. Only you know what you need to do. But I'm sure you're even more disappointed in yourself than I am.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_drplease) Doctor, please...

Dr. Breen:
(br_outoftime) So sorry, Judith. I'm all out of time.


(al_areyouthere) Are you there, Dr. Kleiner?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_whatshappening01) Alyx?
(kl_whatshappening02) Where are you?
(kl_whatshappening03) What's happening?

(al_hybridworking01) I've got a hybrid teleport working.
(al_hybridworking02) Are you ready to receive us?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_onstandby01) Of course.
(kl_onstandby02) I've had the receiver on standby this entire time.
(kl_onstandby03) Any time you're ready.

(al_cozy) Hmm this is cozy.


(al_comeonin01) Well, come on in.
(al_comeonin02) Come on in, Gordon.
(al_comeonin03) Come on in.


Kleiner’s lab

(al_wheresdoc01) That's odd. Where's Dr. Kleiner?
(al_wheresdoc02) Dr. Kleiner! Let us out!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_howandwhen01) Alyx? Gordon?
(kl_howandwhen02) My God, how did you get here? And when?

(al_whatswrong) What's wrong?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_givenuphope) My dear, I had given up hope of ever seeing you again.

(al_ijusttoldyou) What do you mean? I just told you we were coming.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_aweekago01) That was over a week ago!
(kl_aweekago02) I set the receiver, and, well, that was the last I heard from you…
(kl_aweekago03) until… now.

(al_aweekago01) A week ago?
(al_aweekago02) But I only just activated the hybrid portal and stepped in.
(al_aweekago03) And here we are.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_slowteleport01) Fascinating. We seem to have developed a very, very slow teleport.
(kl_slowteleport02) This suggests an entirely new line of investigation.

(al_whathappened01) A week!?
(al_whathappened02) But what happened in the mean time?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_blowyoustruck01) Oh, yes.
(kl_blowyoustruck02) A great deal, my dear.
(kl_blowyoustruck03) The blow you struck at Nova Prospekt was felt far and wide.
(kl_blowyoustruck04) It was taken as a signal to begin the uprising.

(al_andmyfather) And what about my father?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_atthecitadel01) Well, that is most troubling. He is a prisoner at the Citadel.

(al_thecitadel01) The Citadel!?

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_atthecitadel02) The Vortigaunts have confirmed it.

(al_thecitadel02) My God, Gordon. We lost whatever chance we had.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_dontgiveuphope01) Now now, don't give up hope. There are plenty here to help you. The revolution is no longer a secret enterprise.
(kl_dontgiveuphope02) Barney has been leading a push toward the city center. And another of your friends...
(kl_dontgiveuphope03) Well, it's very strange, it's as if he knew you were expected.

(al_who) Who?
(al_dog) Dog!

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_notallhopeless) So there! You see? It's not all hopeless!


(al_gottogetout01) We got to get out of here.
(al_gottogetout02) Come on, Dr. Kleiner.
(al_gottogetout03) Gordon, Dog, let's go.

Dr. Kleiner:
(kl_ohdearlamarr01) Oh, dear.
(kl_ohdearlamarr02) Lamarr!
(kl_ohdearlamarr03) Come out of there!
(kl_ohdearlamarr04) It's very unstable!

(al_poordoc01) Oh no.
(al_poordoc02) Poor Dr. Kleiner.


Citizen: Carefull, there is a metrocop in that rocket tower.


Citizen: Hold tight! I’ll get you through this rubble!


Citizen: That’s one charge planted! Two to go!


Citizen: That’s two! One to go! Hold on!


Citizen: Okay! Get clear! I’m gonna blow this sucka!

Gate scene

(al_thedeal) Ok, here's the deal.
(al_bridge01) The bridge we've gotta cross is beyond that gate.
(al_bridge02) I can hack the gate controls and hold it open till we're through, but you're gonna have to watch my back while I'm working.
(al_coupleminutes) It could take me a couple minutes to take control of the gate.
(al_goodletsgo) Good. Let's go.


(al_heregoes) All right... here goes.


(al_theysawus) They saw us!
(al_hurry) Hurry!


(al_nottoolong) This shouldn't take too long.
(al_standardpanel) It's a standard panel.


(al_thatsit) That's it.
(al_firstbit) First bit's done.
(al_nowtricky) Now for the tricky part.


(al_almostdone) Almost done.


(al_onemorebit) One more bit and we're ready.


(al_there) There.
(al_okthatsit) Okay, that's it!


(al_thankgod) Thank God.
(al_iwasafraid) I was afraid you weren't going to make it.


(al_theresbridge01) There's the bridge
(al_theresbridge02) let's get across.

(itscoming) It's coming!
(combine01) Combine!
(overhere01) Hey, over here!

(al_no) No!
(al_thebridge) The bridge!
(al_getoverhere) Get over here!


(al_whatnow01) What now?
(al_whatnow02) We have to get across this canal!
(al_goingthru01) Looks like instead of going over it
(al_goingthru02) we'll be going through.
(al_onewill01) Or anyway,
(al_onewill02) one of us will.


(al_okgetgoing) Okay, let's get going.
(al_gordonhurryup) Gordon, hurry up - get over here!
(al_hurrygordon) Hurry, Gordon!
(al_keepmoving) Keep moving!
(al_letsgetmoving) Let's get moving!
(al_overhere01) Over here!
(al_overhere02) Over here!
(al_cmon) Come on!
(al_cmoncmon) Come on, come on.
(al_comeon) Come on!
(al_coverme01) Cover me!
(al_coverme02) Cover me!
(al_damn) Damn!
(al_followme) Follow me!
(al_getthrough) Get through before it closes
(al_go) Go!
(al_phew) Phew.
(al_thatwasclose) That was close.


Medic: A sniper has us pinned down! Barney is wounded on the roof of that large warehouse up ahead. If you can get me to him, I might be able to save him!

Weak cry: Help, I’m down in the cellar!
Dying ally: We thought we’d be safer down here. The rest headed upstairs. I’m guessing they’re still up there.

Barney: Let’s get this gate open.


Breen’s office

Dr. Breen:
(br_freemanatlast01) So this is Dr. Freeman.
(br_freemanatlast02) At last.
(br_freemanatlast03) I wish I could say this was a pleasant surprise, but it's neither a surprise nor, as you will surely agree, very pleasant.
(br_missvance01) This must be...
(br_missvance02) Miss Vance.
(br_missvance03) Alyx.
(br_missvance04) The last time I saw you, you were just a little slip of a thing.
(br_missvance05) You have your mother's eyes, my dear.
(br_missvance06) But your father's stubborn nature.

Eli Vance:
(eli_dontstruggle) Don't struggle honey. I've tried all that, believe me.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_makeeasy) You could make this easier for her, Eli.

Eli Vance:
(eli_donttalk) Don't talk to me, Judith.

Dr. Breen:
(br_intractable01) Yes.
(br_intractable02) Save your energy.
(br_intractable03) I told you he would be intractable.
(br_wontcompromise01) Don't worry, Eli.
(br_wontcompromise02) Dr. Mossman has adequate experience now to continue your work.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_veryhard) Doctor - that's strictly not true. Without Eli, it's going to be very hard to...

Dr. Breen:
(br_youlldofine01) Don't sell yourself short, Judith. You'll do just fine.
(br_youlldofine02) Of course, I was hoping you'd have the assistance of your peers.
(br_youlldofine04) But it seems that Gordon has signed up on the wrong side, once again.
(br_youlldofine05) As for the young Miss Vance.
(br_youlldofine06) Her talents will be put to practical use on the other side of the Combine portal.

Eli Vance:
(eli_notobreen) No...

Dr. Breen:
(br_reconsider01) Well, if you'd like to reconsider your involvement in the program, Eli.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_grasp) Eli, the stars are in our grasp. All of creation laid out before us, if you would just help us we're almost there.

Eli Vance:
(eli_enslave) Their only use for this technology is to enslave more races.

Dr. Breen:
(br_intractable04) Once Eli has convinced himself of something, not even the truth can change his mind.

Eli Vance:
(eli_worship) I know what you worship, Breen...and truth is not the word for it.

Dr. Breen:
(br_oheli01) Oh...
(br_oheli02) Eli...
(br_oheli03) If only you could see what I've seen.
(br_oheli04) You wouldn't be so short-sighted.
(br_oheli05) I have studied thirty six...
(br_oheli06)...zones beyond our own.
(br_oheli07) Carbon stars with ancient satellites, colonized by sentient fungi.
(br_oheli08) Gas giants, inhabited by vast meteorological intelligences; worlds stretched thin across the membranes where the dimensions...
(br_oheli09)...intersect. Impossible to describe with our limited vocabulary.

Eli Vance:
(eli_genocide) What I've seen is also beyond words, Breen.
(eli_genocide01) Genocide.
(eli_genocide02) Indescribable evil.
(eli_genocide03) Our cities turned into the prisons.

Dr. Breen:
(br_unfortunatedays01) Those unfortunate days are almost at an end. Our transformation is nearly complete.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_chooselife) Eli - everyone here on Earth today can live forever, if they would choose life, think what that means. You have the power to choose for them.

Dr. Breen:
(br_elichoice01) Eli has already made his choice.
(br_elichoice02) He's decided to be...one of the very last humans to die.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_necessary) It isn't necessary!

Dr. Breen:
(br_redemption01) Judith.
(br_redemption02) I'm sorry to see that you've absorbed so much of Eli's foolish idealism.
(br_redemption03) But there is redemption for you in his death.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_what) What?!

Dr. Breen:
(br_takeit) Take it.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_treasure) It's a waste of a valuable resource.
(mo_treasure02) A treasure if he lives, he can still be persuaded.

Eli Vance:
(eli_falsehope) You picked a strange time for false hope, Judith.

Dr. Breen:
(br_stubborn) There - you see? Stubborn as ever.

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_executioner) I am not an executioner. My work is about saving lives.

Dr. Breen:
(br_madepoint01) Very well.
(br_madepoint02) You've made your point.
(br_madepoint05) I already knew you were capable of talk, but your actions.
(br_madepoint06) Show your true limitations.
(br_madepoint07) And lack of commitment.
(br_madepoint08) Now stand aside.
(br_youfool) You fool!

Dr. Mossman:
(mo_partofthis) Come out! I can't be a part of this.


Dr. Breen:
(br_elichoice03) I wouldn't be surprise to be looked upon his suicide as an act of honor.
(br_freemanatlast04) Well. I’m nothing if not pragmatic
(br_madepoint03) And I will keep it in mind, as we go forward.
(br_madepoint04) Let me just say, Judith, with so much at stake I had hoped better of you.
(br_reconsider02) It would make a huge difference in how quickly we could make the Combine portals safe for human use.
(br_reconsider03) That way, Alyx, and even yourself, might be able to travel to the Aleph Universe…
(br_reconsider04) …with your faculties intact.
(br_reconsider05) That is our ultimate goal, after all, to move freely to the continuum
(br_reconsider06) - to make our incipient immortality worthwhile.
(br_unfortunatedays02) Thanks to the work you've done, which Judith will have to complete in your absence.
(br_youlldofine03) That's why I thought it was worth preserving Dr. Freeman for a bit longer.
(br_youlldofine07) …after a simple medical procedure to enable her to survive the transition.

Eli Vance:
(eli_falsehope02) When you've done so much to destroy what I worked for.
(eli_genocide04) Those who resisted turned into Stalkers and sent God knows where.
(eli_notobreen02) No…


Welcoming speech

(br_welcome01) Welcome. Welcome to City 17.
(br_welcome02) You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers.
(br_welcome03) I thought so much of City 17 that I elected to establish my Administration here
(br_welcome04) in the Citadel so thoughtfully provided by Our Benefactors.
(br_welcome05) I have been proud to call City 17 my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown
(br_welcome06) welcome to City 17.
(br_welcome07) It's safer here.

On collaboration

(br_collaboration01) It has come to my attention that some have lately called me a collaborator, as if such a term were shameful.
(br_collaboration02) I ask you, what greater endeavor exists than that of collaboration?
(br_collaboration03) In our current unparalleled enterprise, refusal to collaborate is simply a refusal to grow—an insistence on suicide, if you will.
(br_collaboration04) Did the lungfish refuse to breathe air? It did not.
(br_collaboration05) It crept forth boldly while its brethren remained in the blackest ocean abyss, with lidless eyes forever staring at the dark, ignorant and doomed despite their eternal vigilance.
(br_collaboration06) Would we model ourselves on the trilobite?
(br_collaboration07) Are all the accomplishments of humanity fated to be nothing more than a layer of broken plastic shards thinly strewn across a fossil bed, sandwiched between the Burgess shale and an eon's worth of mud?
(br_collaboration08) In order to be true to our nature, and our destiny, we must aspire to greater things. We have outgrown our cradle. It is futile to cry for mother's milk, when our true sustenance awaits us among the stars.
(br_collaboration09) And only the universal union that small minds call 'The Combine' can carry us there.
(br_collaboration10) Therefore I say, yes, I am a collaborator. We must all collaborate, willingly, eagerly, if we expect to reap the benefits of unification.
(br_collaboration11) And reap we shall.

Addressing Freeman

(br_tofreeman01) I'd like to take a moment to address you directly, Dr. Freeman.
(br_tofreeman02) Yes. I'm talking to you,
(br_tofreeman03) the so-called One Free Man. I have a question for you. How could you have thrown it all away? It staggers the mind.
(br_tofreeman04) A man of science, with the ability to sway reactionary and fearful minds toward the truth,
(br_tofreeman05) choosing instead to embark on a path of ignorance and decay. Make no mistake, Dr. Freeman. This is not a scientific revolution you have sparked… this is death and finality.
(br_tofreeman06) You have plunged humanity into freefall.
(br_tofreeman07) Even if you offered your surrender now, I cannot guarantee that Our Benefactors would accept it.
(br_tofreeman08) At the moment, I fear they have begun to look upon even me with suspicion. So much for serving as humanity's representative.
(br_tofreeman09) Help me win back their trust, Dr. Freeman. Surrender while you still can.
(br_tofreeman10) Help ensure that humanity's trust in you is not misguided.
(br_tofreeman11) Do what is right, Dr. Freeman.
(br_tofreeman12) Serve mankind.

23 Apr 2020, 18:43:39
Source: Half-Life 2 beta
Author: Valve
Translation: Шлыков "Витой" Кирилл
Николай "InterH@lfer" Коринец

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