[EN] Team Fortress 2: Invasion mechanics

Описание различных механик отменённых версий TF2 (на английском языке)



Invasion’s gameplay consists of two teams trying to complete an objective. These objectives can range from capturing a Control Zone, to well, only that it seems. Other objectives that are present are leftovers from the earlier Roman Sci-fi incarnation, which I’ll get into later under leftovers. An Important aspect of Invasion is Resources, which are collected either through Resource Zones; locations where resources are spawned by Resource Spawners and can be harvested, and refresh the amount of resources it holds throughout the match. Resources can be collected either by destroying buildings or killing enemies. They can be exchanged for Technologies, Buildings, Vehicles, Health, Ammo, and Grenades (via Resupply Station)


Resource Zones are tiny areas within Invasion that allow players to harvest resources. They have a set amount, determined by the map, and refresh shortly after being harvested. They emit a distinct sound while active to alert players of the zone’s state. And resource chunks will emit naturally as it’s active of varied value. And only one thing can be built on them: Resource Pumps, which allows a team to harvest the zone’s resources which get divided among the team equally.


Commander Mode, unlike Brotherhood of Arms, can be accessed by any player at any point. Just pop open your minimap, and click somewhere and it’ll send you into the tactical view right on where you clicked. The Tactical View is intended to be used for commanding other players, which allows you to output orders to your team, which are: Heal, Build Sentry, Build Shield Wall, Kill Mortar Guy, [Fun fact, this one mentions a dude named Brian Jacobson in the code as another phrase for the Support/Suppression class, must be some kind of inside joke.] Shell Enemy Object/Mortar Attack, Repair building, Build Resource Pump, and Build Resupply Station. This viewed the battlefield in an Orthographic mode, much like an RTS view, unlike Brotherhood of Arm’s top down perspective. The orders system is broken, and must have been in the middle of being phased out when Invasion’s code leaked.


Invasion has a very awesome hints system, that instructs the player on what to do, where to go, and how to play. It makes certain HUD elements glow, such as on the Tactical View.
Interestingly I think some remnants of this exist in the 2012 leaked code of Team Fortress 2. Who needs coaching when you got this, Valve? C’mon man, it’s been sitting there for what… 16 years? C’mon Bethesda. Get your act straight. The code for the hints system is the chunkiest piece of code in the game.

The Teams:

Aliens and Humans both have fundamental differences in how they play. The Aliens don’t need to power their devices, unlike the humans which need an external power source to use certain objects like Sentry Guns. However despite the Humans having external power, their buildings automatically get a 20% discount.

Although disabled, the Aliens used to respawn in what are called waves, also known as Reinforcements. These occur after players die, their corpses are left on the battlefield. They are plopped into the tactical view and wait until the rest of the team dies, but can prolong the wave by assisting and ordering players on the battlefield. Once the last Alien alive dies, the Aliens are reinforced and rise from death to keep pushing the battle. These seem to be disabled as they intended to make this determined by mappers, and not a global respawn method for the whole game.

Another thing that made that different (although removed by the time the game had leaked) was the fact that at one point, both teams had exclusive classes. They called this the “Indirect” class, which basically made the Support class human-exclusive and the Escort class alien exclusive. With the Support focusing mainly in Support and the Escort focusing more towards Defense with special shields. For more info on the classes of INVASION, look over towards the Classes section.


Bugs (NPC)
Bugs are NPCS that are a third wheel of sorts to the game. They mainly strive to protect the Bug Hole, which spawns and stores other bugs, and can deploy a max of four bugs at a time and can replace them when dead. There are two types of bugs; Bug Warrior and Bug Builder. Builder Bugs seem to have little to no AI, and only wander or dawdle, and are actually disabled from being spawned by the Bug Hole. But they likely were intended to be a defense orientated npc, and likely not much of a fighter. And when somebody picked a fight with one, the Bug Warrior would step in and attack. With 150 health, and are half as tall as the player. They can slash at you which deals 20 damage, and will be deployed by the bug hole to patrol the premise to keep it in check. It also hates Sentries and will stop at nothing to destroy them. And if the hole is killed, but the bug is still alive, it will seek a new Bug Hole to join. Bug Holes can be sapped, and deploy bugs as it sees fit. Bugs can retreat back into the hole, and this is where it gets odd; It mentions the bug hole emitting smoke when a Bug enters it or exits it, but also mentions it tipping over on death. It’s design is unclear from the code but from what few hints we have it seems like it would look quite interesting.

Meteors are a very cool hazard in Invasion, they spawn inside the skybox and transition into the game world. They aren’t just for looks, as they can actually hurt you. If you get hit by this, you’ll take a whopping 200 damage. Yikes! And they even spill out some resources a pon impact, giving you a risky chance at grabbing some loot. Although this is disabled in the latest revision of the code publicly available.

Falling Rocks
These seem to be scenic and harmless, as they are spat out infinitely and have no code for dealing damage whatsoever. They are under the ‘cliffside’ folder according to the code, likely hinting at a cliffside themed map.


    Alien Recon
    • Recon
      Armed with dual semi-auto laser pistols. Alt-fire is shoulder-mounted stickybombs. Fastest class in the game, can double-jump and stick to walls for a short period of time. If you want mobility without paying for a vehicle, this class is for you.

      Can build only a Resource Pump and Respawn Stations. Not the ideal class for building things.
    • Commando
      Armed with a Laser-Designated Rocket Launcher. Unlike in TFC, there is no rocket-jumping. Also armed with a Plasma Rifle and Anti-Personnel Grenades (plasma nades.) Also armed with a Combat Shield which can be used at any time by a right click.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Resource Pump, Manned Missile Launcher, Dragon’s Teeth, Sandbag Bunker, and Vehicle Boost upgrade.
    • Defender
      Armed with a Laser Shotgun, Limpet Mines, and also an Arc Welder. Also utilizes a combat shield.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Plasma Sentry Gun, Manned Missile Launcher, Barbed Wire, Bunker, Sandbag Bunker, Tower, Dragon’s Teeth. Also has the Driver Machinegun upgrade which upgrades any vehicle to have a nice Machinegun mounted onto it that can be used by the driver of the vehicle.
    • Medic
      Armed with a Repair Gun, (which can heal+repair, used to disable nades on healed subjects) Burst Rifle, and Anti-Personnel grenades. Also has a Combat Shield.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Resource Pump, Buff Station, Manned Plasma Gun, Resupply Station (technology unlock) and a Selfheal upgrade which is also unlockable via the Tech Tree.
    • Pyro
      Unlike in TFC, is restricted to defense, focuses on trapping enemies using gasoline. Armed with a Flamethrower which pours Gasoline on right click, and a Shotgun.

      This class was the last class added to Invasion before cancellation. Within the listing about class buildings, the pyro had nothing. The reason the Pyro was added so late was because technically, his role had once been filled.
    • Sapper
      This class focuses on offensive combat and supporting teammates using his Boost ability. This boost is powered by energy that can be gained by draining enemies using the Drainbeam weapon, which is an anti-medigun of sorts. More like a fancy alien flamethrower in terms of function. Just keep that crosshair over the enemy and you’ll keep draining. The drained health is made into Energy, which can be used to boost yourself, players, or fire a powered shot from your Shotgun. The Boost increases player speed and damage resistance for a short time. But this class also focuses on close-range combat, and fills the role of the original Pyro. But can also be a disaster for an enemy team, as this class houses the dreaded EMP effect. Which can be unleashed to the world using the EMP generator, or EMP grenades. The Generator will hook onto any enemy buildings within range and disable them. EMP grenades instead send out a shockwave of sorts, that disables any objects temporarily that manage to get touched by the wave. You can also take EMP damage, but it’s light. EMPs can disable certain weapons as well, so watch out! This is a force to be reckoned with.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Resource Pump, Manned Plasma Gun, Dragon’s Teeth, Tower, and Sandbag Bunker.
    • Support/Suppression
      Armed with a Plasma Grenade Launcher, and a Harpoon, which can be used to pull enemies within range of your dreaded Plasma Grenade Launcher. Also utilizes a Mortar. This Mortar can be deployed at any time, and can be upgraded to have different ammo such as Starburst (Flash), and MIRV, which splits into two shells mid-air to cover more ground. Deadly! This Mortar is more expendable then the vehicle Mortar, which can only fire off normal Shells. This class is the biggest mystery in Invasion, but did have an Alien model made for it during Invasion’s development. It’s as tall as two players, and is about 12 ft tall.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Resource Pump, Mortar (building), Sandbag Bunker, Bunker, and Explosives upgrade. (detonates objects on death)
    • Escort
      Armed with a Laser Minigun and Personal Shield. The Escort’s shield can only track and block certain types of projectiles at a time, and has to toggled. So watch what’s coming at you, because your shield might not be tracking for something as a Rocket. So when you see a rocket coming for ya, switch to Projectile Tracking and Rockets and Nades will be deflected accordingly. A good Escort keeps themselves alive by tracking correctly. Tracking modes can be toggled by right click. You can also deploy some shields using Shield Grenades, which deploy a shield on impact for about 5 seconds. Good for quick cover, could be a lifesaver in the right situations. A defensive class at heart.

      Can build a Respawn Station, Powerpack, Resource Pump, Projected Shield, Manned Shield, Sandbag Bunker, Bunker.
    • Infiltrator
      This class is armed with a Laser Shotgun, Limpet Mines and a Knife. This class can loot enemy corpses of Resources (Jojirium) and disguise as an enemy by pressing E on them. They can also eavesdrop on enemy voice chat, and track players through walls and enemy infiltrators using Thermal Vision, but as a trade off heavily hinders visible distance.

      No buildings. BUT! Originally had a Spy Camera, which is basically the Engineer Camera from Brotherhood of Arms.
    • Sniper
      Despite this class being more fleshed out then the most recent addition (the Pyro), this class lacks it’s core feature, the Sniper freakin’ rifle. Although it does have technologies (unlike the Pyro) that allow him to go invisible when prone up to the head. It also mentions Snipers picking map-marked locations to respawn at as a tech, but all that remains is a slight nod about it. I gotta know why this guy doesn’t have his trademark Sniper, but we may never know.


    • Plasma Rifle/Charged Plasma Rifle
      This Plasma Rifle can be parried, just don’t fire for a while and your next shot will be charged. This is indicated by a green light on the gun. This allows you to control your damage output. Can be upgraded to make the parry instead automatically lock onto enemies within range using Technologies. (An EXTREMELY old version of this weapon still exists in the code known as weapon_plasmagun, and it STINKS)
    • Burst Rifle
      This plasma rifle fires in bursts. Like all weapons in Invasion, the fire rate is buffed when you crouch.
    • Combat Shield/Power Shield/Personal Shield
      A shield! This is used by a good chunk of the classes, and is probably the reason the classes have no health differences. This gives the player the option to directly avoid getting damaged, although the Shield doesn’t last forever, as it’s color signifies health. Once it’s red, it’s dead, or about dead.
    • Laser Rifle
      A Laser Rifle, one of the few hitscan weapons within Invasion. Most weapons in Invasion don’t use hitscan. Which is one hell of a change up, this adds more to the fun of Escort’s tracking system for his Shield.
    • Plasma Grenade Launcher
      Standard Grenade Launcher, explodes on player impact. Has green light trails to indicate friendlies, red lights to indicate enemies.
    • Shotgun
      Originally divided into two seperate weapons (weapon_shotgun and weapon_shotgun_sapper) then eventually combined because the differences between them were, well, barely different besides one ability. If you’re a sapper, it can fire a powered shot using the middle mouse button. Extra damage, but depletes energy.
    • Drainbeam
      Based off of the “Repair Gun”, this originally used to lock onto enemies, but that proved to be too overpowered so they removed it. Keep your crosshair over an enemy and they will lose health, and all drained health will go towards Energy that can be used by the Sapper. Also EMPs anybody who is being drained. Fun!
    • Flamethrower
      A standard flamethrower, useful for lighting enemies on fire. However unlike usual flamethrowers, it’s flames can stick on walls and the ground for short periods of time. This duration can be extended, and even controlled with the aid of a Gas Can.
    • Gas Can
      Used to set up the duel-wielding of the Pyro, this makes alt-firing for gasoline possible. Gasoline lit flames stay up for a good amount of time, way longer than flames on normal land, and if your gas trail is long enough, the whole thing will light up as soon as you light any part of it. Good for trapping unsuspecting enemies and locking down pathways. Aliens beware!
    • Harpoon
      The Support’s brother in arms. Literally. When thrown, you can pull enemies towards you. This can adjust enemies for you or your teammates. However, it can be broken off and you can loose the harpoon until you respawn. Secondary fire, is a slap. This slap will kill any class within two hits.
    • Laser Designator
      This is used in conjunction with the Rocket Launcher and Limpet Mines, and can also be used to tell your sentries where to fire. Basically: A wrangler but with more things to do then just.. Wrangle. Limpet mines will detonate shortly after being designated by the laser, sentries can turtle themselves to minimize damage they receive, and can fire at enemies out of detection range that you designate for them. And rockets will fly towards the area or person you designate.
    • Repair Gun
      Repairs buildings and heals players, and can overheal those you are healing. Originally was a medkit according to the code. We even have concept art of that! Thanks Chuck!
    • Limpet Mines
      Mines that can be tossed onto the ground and detonated with the Laser Designator, they detonate in order of deployment.
    • Arc Welder
      A Welder! The Defender uses this, can only heal buildings. But, it can weld doors SHUT. Yeah, that’s one hell of a way to deny entryway. It’s coded and everything.
    • Minigun
      Uses laser ammo. Reloadable, and increases fire rate when crouched. Winds like a normal minigun. Pretty normal.
    • Infiltrator’s Weapon (Assasination Weapon)
      A knife, functions like the choke wire in BOA, but quicker. Automatically locks onto backs for you to stab. Your “camoflauge” (disguise) will not be removed when you assassinate somebody. Some code in the Infiltrator’s class file is commented out for the knife to automatically equip when a target is in range.
    • Mortar
      A deployable mortar, the functions are oddly split between weapon and building, but basically you would fire it like how you rolled a ball in Wii Sports. Not even joshing you. Some of the code mentions that the Technician (renamed to Sapper) could STEAL the Support’s Mortar while it’s deployed and can use it against them. Of course, it’s all removed in favor of the Mortar vehicle, which can be used by all classes presumably.
    • Power Shield/Projected Shield
      The Escort’s Shield. Can change projectile tracking, and provides allies with good cover. Doesn’t even need a super fancy model or anything, all effects are hardcoded! Thanks Valve!
    • EMP Generator
      A combat building that can be placed and picked up. This functions by seeking out any enemy buildings within range, and EMPing them. Sapper only.
    • Rallyflag
      Emits Adrenalin that rushes any players within range.



    • PowerPack
      Can Power up to four buildings at a time, including other PowerPacks.
    • Respawn Station
      Allows players to pick where they respawn at, a replacement for the Teleporter.
    • Resource Pump
      Place this on a Resource Zone to harvest it’s resources. All resources harvested will be divided equally among the team.


    • Buff Station
      Buffs any players or buildings plugged into it. This buffs Health and Accuracy of players or buildings (Sentries, Manned Plasma Guns/Manned Rocket Launchers)
    • Plasma Sentry Gun
      The Standard Sentry. Shoots Plasma beams at a medium-ish fire rate. Can be increased using a buff Station. Regenerates it’s own ammo, no manual refill needed.
    • Rocket Sentry Gun
      An unlockable building for the Defender via the Tech Tree. Packs a bigger punch with a lower fire rate then the Standard Sentry.
    • Barbed Wire
      This one’s cool. Basically, Laser Wire. To properly make Barbed Wire, you need to place two of these across from each other. If an enemy crosses the laser field, they receive an immense amount of damage, not too much though.
    • Shield Wall
      This Shield can be rotated and can be adjusted. Escort-exclusive. Called a “Projected Shield”
    • Manned Machine Gun
      A stationary Machine Gun that fires laser beams. Like all mannable weapons, these can be buffed using the Buff Station.
    • Manned Plasma Cannon
      A stationary Plasma gun that outputs high damage in small bursts, can be Buffed using the Buff Station, as always.
    • Manned Rocket Launcher
      Fires rockets, pretty powerful. But placement of these “Manned” weapons are very important to their effectiveness as they cannot be rotated.
    • Manned Shield
      A manned shield. No idea, obviously a shield that can be manned, but besides that I have no idea what it’s purpose is. I think it might be to provide cover for gunners using manned buildings.


    • Tower
      Good for getting a better view of the battlefield, provides natural cover. But is destructible.
    • Tunnel
      A map placed building that transfer players from one end of the tunnel or the other. Good for getting to places without risking your life. Footstep sounds will play while tunneling.
    • Dragon’s Teeth
      Blocks vehicles from entering an area, if placed correctly among other Dragon’s Teeth.
    • Sandbag Bunker
      A small Sandbag Bunker, mostly used for quick cover. Cheap and reliable, but if you need a lot of cover, this isn’t the Bunker for you.
    • Bunker
      A harder bunker with a ladder for roof access, allowing a better view of the battlefield. Actually taller than the Tower itself.

    Special (Tech Tree Unlocks)

    • Rallyflag (Commando)
      Gives nearby teammates an adrenalin rush if in range.
    • Resupply Station (Medic)
      An evolution of the Dispenser. This gives players ammo, health, and grenades in exchange for some Resources, prices vary between health ammo and grenades.


    • Self-Heal
      Heals buildings at a slow rate when applied. Don’t rely on this though, buildings can still be destroyed even with self-heal, as it heals at a slow rate.
    • Armor Upgrade
      Unfinished, presumably for buildings to buff damage resistance.
    • Vehicle Boost
      Increases vehicle speed.
    • Driver Machinegun
      Adds a Machinegun to a vehicle, that can be used by the driver.
    • Explosives
      Makes any buildings with it applied detonate on death.


    • Wagon
      Can build on the back of it, but only one building. Good for support and is very flexible. You could build a Mortar on it and driveby shell enemies, or carry objects from place-to-place.
    • Battering Ram
      Described as a “Truck with a Battering Ram strapped to it” by Chuck Jones (Modeler, Animator, and Conceptual Artist on Invasion) This vehicle would destroy any buildings or players who are unfortunate enough to be in it’s way. Good for offensive attacks and clearing the way.
    • Siege Tower
      A mobile tower with a ladder on the side that allies can climb up into. Great for getting a good position over enemy players easily, but without the trouble of being stuck there, since it’s mobile.
    • Flatbed Truck
      Unlike the Wagon, this can have as much built on it as possible with the space given. Slow, but good for transporting multiple objects or even locking down areas by building things like PowerPacks, Sentries, and Manned guns.
    • Skirmisher (Aliens, Tripod)
      Although not very mobile, this is a great vehicle for Defense. It has two dual machine guns mounted on it’s side, and can crouch and move like a player. Once fired, movement will be halted and allow the player to aim at where they shoot.
    • Mini Skirmisher (Aliens, Tripod)
      Faster, but packs less punch then it’s much bigger counterpart. Good for quick assault, but not as strong as the normal Skirmisher.
    • Motorcycle
      The fastest vehicle in the game. Good for getting to areas quickly, but not for defense or offensive actions. If you need to get somewhere quickly, and you ain’t a Recon, then hop on, brother.
    • Mortar
      A mobile Mortar that can be utilized by all classes. Is not as flexible as the Support/Suppression’s Mortar, as it can only fire normal shells. But is still just as useful, and doesn’t cost much.
    • Tank
      Good for either Defense or Offense, you could either lockdown areas or tank your way to the Control Zone, literally. Slow, but packs one hell of a punch. If you need things to destroy and people to gib, this is your #1 pick, both for accuracy and damage resistance. Alien only, and actually is programmed to bob around as you drive it. That strange alien vehicle art is likely related to this one considering how the code handles it.
    • Teleport Station
      Mmm. This one’s tough. It’s very confusing, but it seemingly would allow you to teleport to these stations, which could be placed at vehicle bays. These were selectable via a menu. It also can teleport you to a certain, map-maker placed location. And on this location, if anybody is unfortunate enough to be there, will be tele-fragged and all buildings will be destroyed instantly.
      Yeah, that’s one hell of a way to go. Goddamn it Valve. Why can’t I be gibbed like this?


    Technologies in Invasion are an important part of the game. They can be bought by votes, so let’s say somebody wants the Rallyflag technology. They call for a vote, and players vote yes or no, if yes it’s bought and all the Player’s banks get some taken out to pay for it. This keeps the game fresh as you and your team work your way to the top through technologies, which make the game unpredictable as you never know what the other team might buy. These votes get called by players in Tactical View/Commander Mode. Teammates could mark what technologies they wanted so other players in Commander Mode could see and make the decision themselves. (or for them to check on later when in Commander Mode)

    Sentries x2: allows the Defender to build two sentries.
    Sentries x3: Allows the Defender to build three sentries.
    Sensors: Higher detection range for Sentries.
    AI: Faster detection and reaction time for Sentries
    Rocket Sentries: Gives the Defender a Rocket-firing Sentry Gun.

    EMP Recharge x2: EMP Recharge time is faster
    Medium Range EMP: EMP effectiveness range is increased a little
    Longer EMP: EMP effectiveness time is increased
    Huge Range EMP: EMP effectiveness range is now huge.

    Target Info: View enemy health and name when hovering over them with your crosshair
    Rallyflag: Replaces the Commando’s grenade with a Rallyflag which can be deployed.
    AutoBoot: Automatic boot kick melee. Kicks enemies down onto the ground, forces them to get up.
    Adrenaline Rush: Activates an Adrenalin Rush which can be fueled by killing enemies. Boosts player speed and damage resistance.
    Battle Cry: Commando emits a battle cry that gives himself and any teammates who hear it an Adrenalin Rush.
    Rampage: ???
    Bull Rush: Allows the Commando to bull-rush enemies with his Power Shield. Automatically moves you forward and only allows you to sidestep when activated.

    Resupply Station: Allows the Medic to build a resupply station/resupply beacon.
    Selfheal: Allows the Medic to upgrade buildings to slowly heal themselves when damaged.

    Corpse-Consuming: Allows the Infiltrator to loot enemy corpses (which contains 20 resources)

    Stealth Deploy: The Sniper will go invisible up until the head when prone using this.

    Mortar Range: Allows the Mortar to fire farther
    Starburst Rounds: Gives the Support Starburst Rounds which flashes enemies.
    Cluster (MIRV) Rounds: These rounds split into two mid-air for more spread.

    Radar Scanners: Allows the Recon to track enemy positions on the minimap that are displayed to all teammates.
    Burst Plasma: The Plasma Rifle will instead preform a burst shot when parried.
    Chargable Plasma: Instead fires a plasma beam that automatically locks onto the closest enemies.
    Shield Parry: Lets any class with a Power Shield parry the shield for a quick melee.


    Adrenalin: this power-up is sent via the Commando or his Rallyflags. This buffs player health and accuracy and has them emit a healthy green glow.

    Boost: Increases player speed and damage resistance. Sent by the Sapper.

    EMP: Disables certain buildings and weapons.
    Effected Devices and Weaponry:
    • Escort Shield
    • Repair Gun
    • Shield Grenade
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Mortar
    • Laser Designator
    • Assasination Weapon (Knife)
    • Harpoon (Not the slap LOL)
    • Power Shield/Combat Shield
    • Plasma Rifle (disables parried shots)
    • Sentry (slows down fire rate)
    • Shield Wall
    • Manned Shield
    • Manned Missile Launcher
    • Buff Station (stops Boosting players)
    • Manned Plasma Gun: Recharge rate slowed
    • Manned Machine Gun: slowed fire rate


    Original Resource Zones
    Originally, Resource Zones were dropoff locations for an NPC called a “Carrier”, which is referred to as Helicopter. This Helicopter would dropoff an object called a “Resource Box” which could be collected and brought to the Resource Processor. The game revolved around controlling these “Resource Zones” (Called Ferrys at the time.) It was kinda like a new form of TFC’s Escort mode. Eventually they were phased out and all that remains are loose code and leftovers… from the GRAVE!! OOOH SPOOKY!

    Old Plasma Gun & Laser Gun
    These ancient leftovers, weapon_plasmagun and weapon_laserrifle are old as bawlz. Their code is extremely primitive, and very early. It’s unknown why they were kept in the codebase until the end of development. But they’re still interesting. Likely used as a base for the current Plasma Rifle and Laser Rifle.

    Brotherhood of Arms leftovers
    An absolutely frail piece of code is left in Invasion, named tf_accuracy.cpp. This showcase’s BOA’s RIDICULOUS accuracy system, which worked as stated:

    The Technician
    The Technician is the Original Sapper, originally had a bigger focus on tinkering with enemy equipment and turning it over to their own team. Utilized an upgrade called an Analyzer to accomplish this, which could also be placed on friendly buildings to hide them from the Tactical View.

    Recon Jetpack
    The Recon originally had a Jetpack, which could be upgraded through technologies. All that remains is some variables for said tech. [/list]

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    Источник: TF2 leaked src code
    Автор: c.marty

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