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This is a compiled version of the WC mappack map fireroom.vmf, a Borealis map last edited by John Guthrie on August 24, 2002.
It can be found in the "john" folder in the subfolder "fireroom". A copy of the map can also be found
in Aaron Barber's folder in the WC mappack.

The map appears to be a map to test the cut Fire Extinguisher weapon and the usage of fires as an obstacle to get past in
the Borealis chapter. Before the Borealis was cut entirely from the game, the Fire Extinguisher played a major role in the chapter.
According to the article "The Making of Half-Life 2", published in the British gaming magazine Retro Gamer in May 2017, fire would
spread across surfaces and limit the player's access to parts of the level or ignite flammable barrels, and the player had
to extinguish the fires in order to proceed. This map demonstrates that aspect, with the fires spreading across surfaces and
igniting barrels and the player having to extinguish them in order to proceed. This map is also notable for including
func_extinguishercharger brush entities and is also the only (known) Borealis map to have them. These chargers (taking on the shape
of pyrotechnic lockers likely meant to be placeholders, as they were likely used to store Flare Guns, another cut weapon) would
have been used by the player to refill their Fire Extinguisher.

The author is Gustav Trevelyan
Date: 17 September 2018
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