Spring 2019 Competition maps

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This mappack contains maps that were created by participants of our spring-summer 2019 mapping competition.
There are 6 maps in total, by five authors. They are:

Bradbury by 2R1Zt. A remake of the famous building located in Los Angeles, made using the beta engine.

Derailed by Lambda Core. Author's vision on the starting scene for the Air Exchange chapter, described in a short story by Marc Laidlaw.

RIOT by Cvoxalury. A map set with the 2002 storyline and visual style, where you unwillingly find yourself in the middle of citizens rioting against Combine.

Sniper by Toast the Fox. A map visually stylized after the 2001 era maps, where you battle against the Combine in a war-torn city during an uprising.

courthouse and insides - 2 unfinished maps, made by Genesis/Moolbni.

You will need 2001-2002 Leak Texture Pack for this mappack (you'll neet to copy 'materials' folder from this pack into your hl2 folder of the HL2 beta)
Date: 27 July 2019
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