Counter-Strike Beta 6.0 (March 10, 2000)


Client and server changes.
Gameplay changes:
- An option was added to switch between right and left handed weapons.
- A radar that shows the location of your allies was added, as well as console commands to set it up.
- Player movement speed was changed.
- New radio commands were added.

Interface changes:
- New menu background.

Models changes:
- MP5 model was renewed.

Maps changes:
2 new modes were added: Escort (AS) and Escape (ES)
- 747, Fang, Frantic, Jail, Oilrig, Railroad and Riverside maps were added.
- Dust, Nuke, Train, Assault, Docks and Siege maps were updated.
- Bunker, Facility, Iraq, Ship, Staion and Tire maps were removed.

Weapons changes:
- MAC-10 and Steyr AUG were added.
- Nightvision Goggles were added as equipement.

Teams changes:
- GIGN was added for Counter Terrorists.
- Arctic Avengers was added for Terrorists.
- Urban Camo was changed to Phoenix Connektion.
- Middle Eastern was changed to L337 Crew.
- Navy Seals was changed to Seal Team 6.

Installation and running:
1. Run the installer.
2. The installer may state that it cannot find the necessary version of Half-Life on your computer. You will need to choose the path to the folder with your chosen version of the game manually. (E.g. C:/Games/Half-LifeWON)
3. Once the installation is complete there you will be able to choose to use the default key bindings or to change them to custom key bindings.
4. Run hl.exe, and click the "Custom Game" button. This will open a list of mods. Choose the Counter-Strike version that you wish to play.
5. Go to "Multiplayer", then "LAN Game", and then "Create Server".

Attention: You will need the original WON-version of Half-Life not earlier then v in order to install and play this.
Also bear in mind that these CS versions are not compatible with the Steam-version of Half-Life.

In the graphics options it is best to set the Software render option.
Date: 1 June 2017
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