Dialogue cut from Half-Life 1

Dialogue cut from the first game of Half-Life series

Hazard Course

Holographic Assistant:
(tr_holo_longjump) Long jumping is a feature you won't use very often, since it draws more power than any other suit function, and requires its own short duration charging module, seen here. To activate your long jump, you will have to duck and move forward and then launch into a jump. Once you are up on the platform, press the button and I will demonstrate the move.   
(tr_holo_runstart) It helps to have a running start.   
(tr_holo_tryagain) No harm done. Try again!

(tr_ba_lightson) Let me get the lights and you can try that again.

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(TR_A) Three, two, one.
(TR_B) Target system deactivated.

Black Mesa Inbound

Black Mesa Transit System:
Good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of employees of the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. Please feel free to move about the train or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Anomalous Materials

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(C1A0_START) Hello. The Automatic Diagnostic and Announcement System welcomes you to the Black Mesa Research Facility. Remember: Have a secure day.

(c1a0_sci_itsyou) Oh it's you. I thought it might be another of the Administrator's men. They're everywhere this morning.
(c1a0_sci_scanrpt) You'll need me to activate the retinal scanners.
(c1a0_sci_dis4a) Tell him to stand back from the focal stage? That suit won't do him any good if he wanders into the beam.
(c1a0_sci_dis17a) He waited too long! We can't contain it!

Unforseen Consequences

Eli Vance:
(c1a1_sci_5scan) Be careful, Gordon.

Office Complex

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(C1A2_0) Emergency clean-up team to Biological Waste Processing Plant.
(C1A2_1) Attention. Administration personnel, evacuate Sector D immediately.
(C1A2_2) Attention. Security personnel to Sector D.
(C1A2_3) Service team, check Elevator 1, Sector C.
(C1A2_4) Warning. Unauthorized biological forms detected in ventilation system.
(C1A2_5) Lieutenant Backman and clean-up team to Sub-Level 3.
(C1A2_6) Danger. Turret defense systems activated, Sector D.
(C1A2_7) Security officer reports men down in Sector D, medical help required.
(C1A2_8) Extreme danger, all turret defense systems activated, Sector D.
(C1A2_9) Turret repair personnel to High Security Materials Storage Area.
(C1A2_10) Attention. Electric shock hazard detected in Administration Center.
(C1A2_11) Security officer reports medical emergency, Administration Center.


(c1a2_sci_1zomb) Get out of there! Run, man, run!

(c1a2_ba_2zomb) It's okay, sir, I can take him!

(c1a2_sci_3zomb) Don't be a fool!

(c1a2_ba_4zomb) Argh, oh shit!

(c1a2_sci_5zomb) No!
(c1a2_sci_6zomb) Don't just stand there! Pick up that gun and shoot it!


-If I were a braver man, I would run for the surface. But I'm afraid if the world finds out what we were doing here, Gordon. But please, just don't make me come with you.
-Well, it does seem there is something to chaos theory after all, yes?
-I hear something.


(c1a2_ba_goforit) All right, let's go for it.


(c1a2_sci_elevator) If you can make it up the elevator shaft, you should be able to get to the surface. Try to send help and let world know what has happened.

We've Got Hostiles

(c1a3_sci_atlast) Rescued at last!
(c1a3_sci_thankgod) Thank God you're here!

Blast Pit

Black Mesa Announcement System:

(C1A4_0) Attention. Experimental rocket test fire disengaged.
(C1A4_1) Repair crew, report to Track Control, Sector E.
(C1A4_2) Maintenance Team Blue, check heat exchange coolant level.
(C1A4_3) Maintenance Team Green, check voltage on Cable 729.
(C1A4_4) Medical Team to Materials Storage Facility, Team Bravo reports men down.
(C1A4_5) Alpha Force move out, science personnel resistance extreme.
(C1A4_6) All Black Mesa security personnel wanted for immediate questioning.
(C1A4_7) Attention. Gordon Freeman, report to military personnel for immediate security check.
(C1A4_8) Warning. Hostile biological forms detected in Track Control, Sector E.
(FUEL_OFF) Fuel and power must be engaged to activate rocket test fire.


(c1a4_ba_octo2) Hey, hey you take me down!
(c1a4_ba_octo4) Hey, eat this you bastard!


(c1a4_sci_trainend) Have you heard? They're killing scientists. Our own race turning against us. I think I'll stay here and take my chances with the creatures.


(c1a4_sci_blind) Is someone there? I-I can't see a thing.

Power Up

Black Mesa Announcement System:

(C2A1_0) Warning. Track power failure. Check lower level power plant.
(C2A1_1) Maintenance Team Yellow, please service Relay 394.
(C2A1_2) Attention. Gordon Freeman, report to military personnel for immediate security check.
(C2A1_3) Delta Team reports Launch Control secured.
(C2A1_4) Danger. Turret defense systems activated, Silo E.
(C2A1_5) Sector E Track Control, please report status.
(C2A1_6) Echo Force reports perimeter breach, Sector E.
(C2A1_7) Attention. Search and Destroy Force go to Code 3. Eliminate all biological forms.
(C2A1_8) Danger. Unauthorized detonation detected in Experimental Propulsion Laboratory.
(POWER_ON) Main power is on.


(c2a1_ba_again) What I said is, you got to get to the generator.

On A Rail

Black Mesa Announcement System:

(C2A2_0) Attention. Clear Silo E launch area immediately.
(C2A2_1) Containment Inspection Team to Advanced Biological Research Laboratory.
(C2A2_2) Medical team to Sector E, Echo Team has men down.
(C2A2_3) Alert. Military personnel, authorized to prosecute Gordon Freeman with extreme force.
(C2A2_3) Alert. Military personnel, you are authorized to shoot the renegade on sight.
(C2A2_4) Alert. Squad in Silo E, Freeman may be operating inside your perimeter.
(C2A2_5) Launch Control train activity detected.
(C2A2_6) Medical team to Sector E, Echo Team squad failed to reach checkpoint.
(C2A2_7) Satellite Rocket Loading Bay reports status green.
(C2A2_launch) Satellite launch system activated. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Launch is go.

Questionable Ethics

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(C2A4_0) Warning. Emergency containment system activated.
(C2A4_1) Alert. Biological containment breach detected.
(C2A4_2) Biological sterilization system activated.
(C2A4_3) Attention. Hostile alien military force detected, Advanced Biological Research Laboratory.
(C2A4_4) Search and Destroy Force reports backup required, engaged with extreme resistance.
(C2A4_5) Topside Containment Force alert, hostile alien military force detected.
(C2A4_6) High Power Laser status is green.
(C2A4_7) Alien containment system failure, use sterilization chamber.
(C2A4_8) Attention. All topside military personnel, clear Helicopter Hangar 4.
(C2A4_9) Alien breach, Topside Checkpoint Alpha, Checkpoint Delta.
(C2A4_10) Alert. Topside Containment Force, use any force to prosecute Gordon Freeman. You are authorized to shoot on sight.
(C2A4_11) Alert. Topside Containment Force, Freeman may approach your perimeter.
(C2A4_12) Gordon, all science personnel will be terminated until you surrender.
(C2A4_ster) Sterilization system activated.


(c2a4_sci_alldie) If you let us all die, Freeman, you'll never get out of here!



(c2a4_ba_arg1a) This is all happening because of you scientists!

(c2a4_sci_arg2a) It's not our fault, I tell you.

(c2a4_ba_arg3a) It is, you made these mutants!

(c2a4_sci_arg4a) Nature made them. We were only studying them.

(c2a4_ba_arg5a) Shut up, someone's coming.


(c2a4_ba_longnite) Jeez, and I thought I had a long night. You look like hell! I don't suppose the day's going to be any easier. Listen, I'm going to wait it out right here. You go on ahead if you have to.
(c2a4_ba_steril) Get in here, quick!
(c2a4_ba_teach) These sterilizers come in handy. You ever find yourself in a bind, just duck into one of these booths, hit the big button. They're supposed to kill microorganisms, but they work on the big stuff too.

Surface Tension

(c2a5_ba_letout) Hey! Hey! Hey, lemme outta here!
(c2a5_ba_rpg) This is your lucky day. There's rocket propelled grenade launcher in there. Laser sight and everything. Now, if you can figure a way in, you'll be an even match for these bastards.
(c2a5_ba_sniped) I've been hit! Stay back! Sniper got me!

Communications Center

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(C3A1_0) Warning. Primary Antenna failure detected.
(C3A1_1) Clear Topside Motorpool for emergency medical helicopter.
(C3A1_2) Warning. Topside Armory security bypass detected.
(C3A1_3) Warning. Radiation leak detected in Primary Antenna area.
(C3A1_4) Search and Destroy Force Kilo, Central Command reports hostile alien force inside perimeter.
(C3A1_5) Message for Gordon Freeman, you will not escape this time.
(C3A1_6) Attention. All units, renegade Freeman is now your primary target.
(C3A1_7) Alert. Remaining Containment Force, Freeman may have experimental weapon.
(C3A1_8) All personnel evacuate Lambda Complex, extreme dimensional malfunction detected.
(C3A1_9) Fire Control Team to Topside Armory, Checkpoint Delta, Topside Hydro Plant.



(c3a1_ba_1sat) Open up the Reactor Complex so we can get down to safety.

(c3a1_sci_2sat)   I'm sorry, but those doors will not open until we send the "All-Clear".

(c3a1_ba_3sat) So send it already!

(c3a1_sci_4sat)   I would love to do that, but the area bombardment has made a wreck of my transmitter, the cables are separate, we have to aim it by hand and I'm getting high radiation levels in the transmitter dome. Nobody but a fool would go in there.

(c3a1_ba_5sat) What about this guy?

(c3a1_sci_6sat) Yes. You could survive in that suit of yours. Very well. I will lower security on the satellite access elevator, and you can go up into the dome. I'll try to help you over the intercom.


(c3a1_sci_dome) Freeman. You want to work quickly. Tune the transmitter to US NRC. I repeat! Tune to the US NRC.
(c3a1_sci_done) Excellent. I'm sending the "All-Clear" and the door should open now. We'll meet you down below.

Lambda Core

Black Mesa Announcement System:
(C3A2_target) Satellite target system engaged.
(C3A2_portal) Warning. Cross-Dimensional Portal Device power level is 120%.
(C3A2_core) Attention. Lambda Complex personnel, Primary Core activated.



(c3a2_ba_stay) I'm gonna stay down here. If I see anything looks like it doesn't belong, I'll start shooting.

(c3a2_sci_1glu)   Psst! Over here.
(c3a2_sci_3glu)   I see you found the Gluon Gun. I hope it serves you better than it has me. I built the thing, but I can't bring myself to use it on a living creature.

(c3a2_sci_shower) Freeman! What a relief to see you. We've been tracking your progress. I've stayed behind to let you into the Reactor Complex. You'll need me to activate the retinal scanner.

Xen chapters

(nil_win) Win... you cannot win...
(nil_last) The last... you are the last... you are...      
(nil_man_notman) You are man... he is not man... for you he waits... for you...
(nil_slaves) Their slaves... we are their slaves... we are...


(gman_noregret) Well, it looks like we won't be working together. No regrets, Mr. Freeman, but there are a few survivors of your personal holocaust who would like the chance to meet the man responsible for the total annihilation of their race.

Black Mesa Science Team

(overhere) Psst, over here.
(protectme) I can get you some valuable supplies, if you'll protect me.
(sci_1thou) One thousand.
(sci_2thou) Two thousand.
(sci_3thou) Three thousand.
(sci_4thou) Four thousand.
(sci_5thou) Five thousand.
(seeheadcrab) Why look, another Headcrab!
(ushouldsee) There's something you should see.
(waithere) Don't you think we should wait here for a while?
(whatissound) That sound... what is it?
(whoareyou) Who are you? I've been waiting here for ages hoping someone would come along.
(yesihope) Yes, I sincerely hope you know what you are doing.
(yesok) Yes, okay.


Human Sergeant:
(hw_alert) You're dead! You hear me? Dead!

Human Grunt:
(gr_alert1) *Unintelligible chatter*
(gr_cover2) Cover me!
(gr_idle1) *Unintelligible chatter*
(gr_idle2) *Unintelligible chatter*
(gr_idle3) *Unintelligible chatter*
(gr_loadtalk) I've got something for you.
(gr_squadform) Squad, form up!
(makesquad) Blast 'em!

HEV Suit

(adrenaline_shot) Adrenaline administered.
(antidote_shot) Antidote administered.
(antitoxin_shot) Antitoxin administered.
(blood_plasma) Blood plasma administered.
(pain_block) Pain suppressant administered.

(HEV_MED2) Administering medical attention.
(HEV_MED0) Insufficient medical supplies to repair damage.
(HEV_HEAL8) Medical damage repaired.
(HEV_HEAL1) Local tourniquet applied. Bleeding has stopped.
(HEV_HEAL2) Bleeding has stopped.
(HEV_HEAL0) Wound sterilized.

(HEV_DET3) Possible bio-reading.

(HEV_AIM_ON) Automatic target acquisition system activated.
(HEV_AIM_OFF) Automatic target acquisition system deactivated.
(HEV_D01) Insufficient power. HEV shutting down.
(armor_compromised) Warning: Reactive armor compromised.
(HEV_E0) Armor compromised.
(HEV_E2) HEV critical failure—failure—
(HEV_E3) HEV general failure.
(HEV_E4) HEV damage sustained.
(HEV_0P) Warning: HEV power level below # percent.
(HEV_V0) Voice system activated.
(HEV_V1) Voice system deactivated.

(HEV_BATTERY) HEV power unit acquired.
(HEV_MEDKIT) Automatic medical kit acquired.

(HEV_44PISTOL) .44 caliber handgun acquired.
(HEV_HORNET) and (HEV_SQUEEK) Unidentified bioweapon acquired. (Used for both the Hivehand and the Snark)
(HEV_ASSAULT) 9mm fully-automatic weapon with grenade launcher acquired.
(HEV_XBOW) High velocity stealth crossbow acquired.
(HEV_EGON) Experimental energy weapon acquired.
(HEV_GAUSS) Experimental hypervelocity projectile weapon acquired.
(HEV_GRENADE) Fragmentation grenade acquired.
(HEV_PISTOL) 9mm semi-automatic handgun acquired.
(HEV_RPG) Laser-guided rocket launcher acquired.
(HEV_SATCHEL) Remote-activated demolition unit acquired.
(HEV_SHOTGUN) Combat shotgun acquired. (File contains the "acquired")
(HEV_TRIPMINE) Laser-activated anti-personnel mine acquired.
(weapon_pickup) Weapon acquired.

(HEV_9MM 9mm) ammunition acquired.
(HEV_44AMMO) .44 caliber ammunition acquired.
(HEV_BOLTS) Neurotoxin-treated crossbow ammunition acquired.
(HEV_BUCKSHOT) Combat shotgun ammunition acquired.
(HEV_AGRENADE) Self-propelled grenade acquired.
(HEV_EGONPOWER) Energy recharge unit acquired.
(HEV_RPGAMMO) Laser-guided rocket acquired.

(ammo_pickup) Ammunition acquired.

(HEV_C1t) (am) (pm) The time is now ## a.m./p.m.
(HEV_F10t) (HEV_F15t) (HEV_F20t) (HEV_F30t) Time remaining: ## seconds.

(your) (position) Your position.
(north) North.
(south) South.
(east) East.
(west) West.

(HEV_GR0r)(HEV_GR1r)(HEV_GR2r) Range: # meters.

(danger) Danger.
(online) Online.

30 Apr 2020, 10:39:09
Source: Half-Life Alpha, Half-Life: Day One and Half-Life 1 sentences.txt
Author: Combine Overwiki

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