Вырезанные диалоги аддонов HL1

Диалоги, вырезанные из Opposing Force, Blue Shift и Decay

Opposing Force

Drill Instructor
(add01) You eyeballin' me, boy?   
(add02) Are you touchin' me, dirtbag?   
(add03) What is your major malfunction?   
(add04) It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum!   
(add05) I eat concertina wire and piss napalm!   
(add06) God has a hard-on for Marines.   
(add07) I eat Green Berets for breakfast!   
(add08) You had best get your head on straight, maggot!   
(add09) Soldier, you are all ate up!   
(add10) Son, I will break you down like an M16!   
(add11) I smell smoke! And where there's smoke, there's fire! You better move it, soldier!   
(add12) I will smoke you like a Cuban cigar!   
(add13) Drop and give me twenty, maggot!   
(add14) Get down and break them elbows!   
(add15) What's your first general order, dirtbag?   
(add16) Where you from, soldier? Texas! Holy cow! You know what comes from Texas, don't you?   
(add17) Can I be in charge around here? Well, thank you very much!   
(add18) You had better square yourself away, Marine!   
(add19) You better move like you've got a purpose!   
(barracks08) One! Two! Three! Four! I! Love! The Marine! Corp!   
(sound4) What is your major malfunction?

(intro_fg18) Hey, you sleepin' over there? You want me to fluff your pillow for ya?
(intro_fg19) What the hell kind of mission is this, anyway? We didn't even get a briefing before take-off.

(sorry) Not present in the sound files
(post) This is my post, sir.
(stay) I've been ordered to stay here, sir.
(leave) Sir, I can't leave my post.

(checkin) Not present in the sound files

(of5a1_fg04) Hey, with you here now we have the element of surprise on our site. They're not expecting three of us. Heh heh heh.
(of5a1_fg03) Yeah, I'd love to turn the table on those guys. Get my hands on one of those rifles, show them a thing or two about patience.
(of5a3_fg01) Shephard! Oh man. We thought you made evac already.
(of5a3_fg03) We may just have enough fire power to push through now. At very least, we can give it our best shot.
(sirnosir) Sir, no, sir!
(sirtexas) Sir, Texas, sir!

Military Police
(athority) Don't confuse your rank with my authority, Corporal.

(of1a6_rd01) All units, retreat to the rally point. I say, retreat to the rally point. Orders have been changed. We are pulling out. The safety of any units left behind cannot be guaranteed.

(of1a1_sc04) I'm afraid these troops aren't going to make it. I hope you have better luck out there, or I fear none of us will get through this alive.
(of3a2_sc01) Put that thing down! Why must you security guards always insist on playing with our prototypes.
(of3a2_sc02) Be careful. No, not again!

(die) I don't wanna die.
(killme) No, don't kill me!

(of1a1_ot04) Personally, I think if we could find more soldiers like you, we may come out of this a-okay.
(of2a6_ot01) I'm not sure I can trust you, but I don't know what else to do at this point. If you make it out of here, don't forget me.
(of3a2_ot01) Huh! What's this? Some sort of transporter gun?

Blue Shift

Holographic Assistant
(tr_holo_charger)Whenever your armor becomes too damaged to be useful, you'll need to find a fresh vest or helmet to protect yourself. HEV Suit chargers won't help you, so just pick up a new vest or helmet and wear it.   
(tr_holo_greatwork) Great work.   
(tr_holo_runstart) It helps to get a running start.   
(tr_holo_tryagain) No harm done. Try again.

(sc_canals1) Yes, of course, the drainage canal. I think that empties out somewhere near the freight yard. If we're lucky, we can make our way out of the facility from there.
(sc_canals3) No, it's too late! I can't do it! I can't! We'll never make it!
(sc_power_alt1) Hold yourself together! If we don't get the power cells charged, then we'll never make it out of here!
(sc_power_alt2) Get out of here! I can take it.
(sc_power_wound1) I was hoping you'd show up. You must get this power cell charged and back up to Dr. Rosenberg. I'd help, but I'm hurt pretty bad.
(sc_power_wound2) You can probably push the power cell through the fence into the charging station behind me. Let me see if I can get out of the way.
(sc_tele_work1) We were able to contact a number of other remaining scientists, so with any luck some of them may make it here as well. We would have chosen the Lambda Reactor for an escape, but the crew there is bent on fighting the creatures, with all their hopes set on someone named Freeman. Let those fools try and fight a battle they can't win. I just want to get out of here!
(sc_tele_xen1) Once we were able to consistently create the teleporter field, we ran into new problems. You see, Mr. Calhoun, teleportation isn't as simple as going from point A to point B. We discovered a strange borderworld that was somehow involved in the process, and this kept us from accurately predicting where any given teleportation event would lead to back on Earth. Some of the more promising research on the matter led to a device that could be attached to the strange crystalline structures we found in this borderworld. This device could then be used as a focal point and relay to aid in the teleportation. Well, in theory that is. We lost contact with the survey group shortly after the device was in place. We later discovered other methods of aiming the field, but all the equipment in this lab uses the older technology. In order any of us to get out of here alive, someone will need go to the borderworld, and activate the device. I'm afraid you're the only one that can do this, seeing as how everyone else will be needed to run the equipment. We should be able get you fairly close to where survey team had set up, but I fear the likelihood of running into alien creatures is very high. Be careful!
(assist) I believe you have an experiment to assist.
(b01_sci01_whereami) Where am I? I've got to get out of here!
(b01_sci02_briefcase) You, with the briefcase. You've got to help me out of here!
(b01_sci03_sirplease) Hello? Where are you going? Sir! Please!
(c3a2_sci_uphere_alt) Hello, Freeman. I'm up here. Hurry up!
(chimp) You know, this sort of reminds me of when I was involved in the space program. There was an incident with one of the chimps.
(crowbar) Do you think that, perhaps, I could have a crowbar of my own? Perhaps, then, an automatic rifle?
(d06_sci01_lambdalabs) ...anyone read me? I say again, this is Lambda Labs. Can anyone read me?
(d06_sci02_contact) Ah, Doctor. It's good to hear your voice. We have been trying contact the central security station for quite some time. We are trying to stop the alien influx, but something is preventing us from doing so. Some sort of energy directed from the other side seems to be holding the dimensional breach open by force. Our sensors are too close to the anomaly to give us clean readings on the rift. We must use the Omega satellite. We tried to launch the delivery rocket, but those soldiers seem to have shut down the launch sequence.
(d06_sci05_launch) I know. We are hoping that Gordon Freeman can accomplish the launch, but he can't launch it after an emergency shut down unless the all-clear signal is uploaded to the Black Mesa air traffic systems. We don't have access either to the code or the air traffic systems, but we believe the code should be in the high security file room quite close to where you are and the air control computer is at the air field directly over the Central Transit Hub.
(d06_sci07_worktodo) Thank you. We have much work to do here, but we'll keep in touch.
(d06_sci10_emergencyshutdown) Our sensors are too close to the anomaly to give us clean readings on the rift. We must use the Omega satellite, but the satellite communications equipment has gone into an emergency shut down.
(d06_sci11_allclear) In order to override it, the all-clear code must be entered into the air control computer at the air field directly over the central transit hub.
(d08_sci02_scientists) Scientists! I'm saved!
(d08_sci03_destroytrackers) Oh dear. You've come just in time, but it may be too late for Gordon. Military forces are tracking his position with some success. Maybe you could destroy these tracking devices before Gordon finds himself in the wrong hands. He's our only hope!
(d08_sci04_ceilinghatch) Hello. It's no surprise that a fellow scientist found her way through the ceiling hatch before any of those damned soldiers. They came after me, so I locked myself in here, but they may have got the best of me anyway.
(d08_sci05_osprey) It's not too late for you, though. Grab some of this military weaponry and see if you can take that Osprey out of the sky. At least that will stop their reinforcements.
(dangerous) That way looks dangerous. I'm staying here.
(forcefield_b) Gordon, I'm very concerned about these electrical forcefield barriers. What will happen if we have a power outage?
(keller) Wasn't Dr. Keller looking for you?
(koso) Do you know what the word "koso" is referring to, exactly?
(perfume) Could it be possible that I smell your perfume through the HEV suit, hmm?
(spinals) Let me tell you something else. I've seen a lot of spinals and this guy is a fake. I've never been more certain of anything in my life.
(tram) If I have to ride that tram one more time I'm gonna...
(underbarrel) Shouldn't you be under the barrel now?
(undertest) Shouldn't you be under the test chamber by now?
(xena) Excuse me, but I think the Xena convention is back down the hall and to the left.

(ba_canal_wound1) Look, I'm chewed up pretty bad and I think my leg's broken. So you better go on without me. Get yourself out of here while you still can.
(ba_power4) Hey, hey!


Gina Cross
(gina_attacked0) I'm hit!
(gina_attacked1) I'm taking damage!
(gina_attacked2) Incoming!
(gina_attacked3) Cover me.
(gina_mad0) Be careful!
(gina_mad1) Hey, watch it!
(gina_mad2) Friendly fire!
(gina_stop0) I'm not moving another step.
(gina_stop1) I'm staying here.
(gina_stop2) I can't go on any further.
(gina_unuse0) I won't move from this point.
(gina_unuse1) I'll be right here.
(gina_unuse2) I'll wait here.
(gina_unuse3) I'll keep the area secure.
(gina_unuse4) Fine. I'll stay here.
(gina_use0) After you.
(gina_use1) I'm with you.
(gina_use2) Let's go.
(gina_use3) You lead the way.
(gina_use4) I'm right behind you.
(gina_use5) I'll keep you covered.

Colette Green
colette_attacked0) This sucks.
colette_attacked1) I'm taking damage.
colette_attacked2) This isn't looking pretty.
colette_attacked3) Cover me!
colette_mad0) Be careful!
colette_mad1) Excuse me!
colette_mad2) Watch where you aimin' that thing.
colette_stop0) Sorry, can't go with you.
colette_stop1) I can't go on any further.
colette_stop2) Uh, I'm stuck.
colette_unuse0) Fine. I'll stay here.
colette_unuse1) I'm not going anywhere.
colette_unuse2) Sure. I'll stay behind.
colette_unuse3) Be here when you need me.
colette_unuse4) All right. I'll stick around.
colette_use0) What are we waiting for?
colette_use1) I'm trailing your tail.
colette_use2) All right, let's move!
colette_use3) Let's go!
colette_use4) I'll keep you covered.
colette_use5) Consider your ass covered.

Richard Keller
(dk_01_goodgrief) [rambling]
(dk_10_gammalabs) Gina? Colette? Are you receiving me? We've made it to Gamma Labs and are reading that Lambda has successfully deployed the satellite it's needed to perform a resonance reversal. There's a displacement beacon near your position that will be used to focus the event.
(dk_12_destroy) You must destroy that thing at once!
(dk_12_mountgun) There is a mounted gun on the deck you may find helpful. It was placed there for... "quarantine" purposes.
(dk_12_wedidit) We did it! The rift is in recession! It's up to Lambda now to ensure the alien force does not hold it open any longer.
(dk_condolences) Condolences!
(dk_furher) Mein Führer, I can walk! [Easter Egg]
(dk_hevchair) What we need is an HEV chair!
(dk_iknowyouare) I know you are, sir, but what, exactly, am I?
(dk_kellerfrog) Keller the Frog here with a Muppet newsflash.
(dk_rugurinate) I ask you again: did I urinate on your rug?
(dk_screwyou) Screw you, I'm leaving!

(ba_button0) Now, let me try my code.
(ba_button1) Let's see if this works.
(ba_docprotect0) Sorry, darlin'. I got to stay with the doc.
(ba_docprotect1) You know I can't come with you.
(ba_docprotect2) I wish I could, but someone's got to protect the doc.
(ba_docprotect3) We all have our jobs to do. Mine is right here.
(ba_door0) I'll get that door open.
(ba_door1) Let me get that door for you.
(ba_generic0) Hold on a minute!
(ba_generic1) I've almost got it!
(ba_generic2) Good job!
(ba_gethev) Man, I need to get me one of them HEV suits.
(ba_ht07_02) Follow me.
(ba_ht07_03) Almost there.
(ba_ht07_04) It's right over here.
(ba_ht07_05) Let's keep going, it's just up ahead.
(ba_ht07_06) My access code should open this and unlock any door around the Central Transit Hub.
(ba_ht07_07) Hey, don't stand too close to the main doors when they're opening or closing. They close hard.
(ba_ht07_08) From this room, we can monitor transmissions, check up on the transit lines, open and close all the security gates at the hub. Heck, even track HEV suit movement.
(ba_ht07_09) See, here are your signals here. And there's another signal over there. Must be that Freeman guy.
(ba_ht07_10) The file room is on the other side of the hub. I'll open all the security gates between here and there for you.
(ba_ht07_11) We got an access violation at some of the gates near where you are. Better be careful, I think you got company.
(ba_ht07_12) I'll have to close the gates after you go through them, so you two are gonna need to stick close together.
(ba_ht07_13) The good doctor here isn't going to let me open this door until both of you are here ready to come back in.
(ba_ht07_14) Look, I need both of you here before I open this door! We haven't got much time.
(ba_ht07_15) We need to get some repairs done if we're gonna have chance to listen in on these soldiers, but there's something blocking the maintenance access door.
(ba_ht07_16) I guess the best way to get up there would be through the loading dock and storage bays. If you follow me, I can unlock the door and get you on your way.
(ba_ht07_17) Maybe you can somehow lure it onto the bridge and use that as a weapon.
(ba_ht07_18) The bridge controls are up there.
(ba_ht07_19) If you're hungry, help yourself to some pizza over there.
(ba_internet) What about the internet?
(ba_needhelp0) I need your help over here!
(ba_needhelp1) Hey, can you give me a hand?
(ba_opgate) I have to stay here to operate the security gate.

(alt_soldier04) Primary target acquired. We got him.
(alt_soldier05) Ha ha, we got Freeman!
(alt_soldier06) About damn time, I hope they kill him quick.
(alt_soldier07) Let's just toss him and turn this thing on. I don't want any more blood on my clothes.
(alt_soldier08) We got to make sure he's dead first. Now, hold...
(alt_soldier09) Yeah, okay.
(alt_soldier10) Rot in hell, Freeman.
(alt_soldier11) See you around, Freeman. Bye bye.
(alt_soldier12) Been wanting to do this a long time.
(ht07_dontknow) I don't know who they are. They've got lots of guns, that's what they've got. Listen, just send someone. Why can't we just destroy the equipment?
(ht07_tracking) Bravo Team, tracking system in place. Freeman is on the move.

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