Late 2001 - Early 2002 Mappack

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This mappack contains the majority of Half-Life 2 maps that were made in early-mid 2001, fixed for the Half-Life 2 Beta. This time interval of game's development, which we call "Early European era" is interesting by the fact that Valve just have decided to move the location of the game from North America to Central Europe. It seems that during this time City 17 was influenced by the city of Prague. In this build you'll find:
-Storyline maps, including some with several revisions
-Various maps made because of boredom, jokes, or multiplayer battles between Valve developers
-Test maps where they checked the functionality of various game features, such as AI and physics
-Various internal demonstration maps
This mappack contains 118 maps. Check 'Maps List.txt' for full list

All scripts, missing models, and textures were updated on all maps. The maps were fixed in a way to make them as close to their original form as possible. But bear in mind, that since many models and textures are missing in the beta, it was impossible to preserve their 100% original look. Also, do not expect a fully playable storyline. There was no continuous campaign created yet. Many parts of the game were added, updated, or scrapped over the course of the year.

To launch maps put this into console:
map *map's name* (with no stars)

While in game press:
'B' for noclip
'N' for notarget
'I' to get all weapons of that era

You will need HL2 Beta with Mega Patch 4.1 and LeakNet applied
Copy the 'hl2_2001-2002' folder from this archive into root folder of the leak and launch the mod with Mod Launcher

Витой - general maps fixing
Maelstrom - combine_gallery_002, combine_launcher, crane_04, c17_01_74 (phys_hinge entities), fisicks, guard2, looktest (all versions) pins, skittle
2R1Zt - prop models restoration: W_ParkBench01.mdl, propeller.mdl, loudspeaker01.mdl
enc_carlson - 2001 AR2 model
Kralich - retexture of the beta citizen with the orange collar "City" citizen textures
Date: 16 November 2018
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