Half-Life 2 Beta: Mega Build

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Half-Life 2 Beta: Mega Build is a compilation of all fixes, patches and mods made for the Half-Life 2 "beta" since 2003.
No more searching, no more conflicting content, and no longer will you have to have several installations of the beta with different patches.

This build contains:
-Original "anon-hl2" leak with MegaPatch 4.1 and LeakNet installed
-Original HL2 storyline maps from September 2003 fixed by XJR9000
-2001 Mappack
-2001-2002 Mappack
-E3 2002 Mappack
-E3 2003 Mappack
-Half-Life: Source (2003) custom build from our site, based on hl1ports leak
-Air Exchange mod
-City 17 mod
-The Thing mod
-Pack of fan-made fixes of maps from the WC Mappack, made by various users of our site
-Pack of fan-made custom maps for the beta by various users, from 2003 to the present
-VMF Updater - a program for updating obsolete entities, missing textures, and models on VMFs from the WC Mappack

Each hl2_200x folder corresponds to an "era" in our sorted WC Mappack, which can be downloaded from our site

Attention! Do not expect a fully playable game from this build. It's not an "Old storyline resoration", "beta mod", or anything like that.
The maps contained in this pack should be launched from the developer console, using the "map" command.
The separate game folders should be launched with the LeakNet Mod Launcher (ModLauncher.exe)

You should also expect frequent game crashes. Unfortunately, the beta's engine, even patched with LeakNet, is very unstable.
Here are some of the common causes of a crash:
-Attempting to change level after being grappled by a barnacle
-Saving your game on a level containing a 'phys_' entity.

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Date: 19 November 2018
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Rating: ***** by 27 members.

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