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This archive contains original maps from the HL2 WC mappack that was leaked back in 2003. They are sorted in different folders so it's easier for you to find a specific one.

The "E3 2002" and "E3 2003" folders contains maps that were made for the E3 presentations.
The "2001 US Skyscrapers Era", "2001-2002 Early Eastern European Era" "2002 Mid Eastern European Era" and "2003 Pre-Retail Era" folders contain maps divided onto 4 development "eras".

Maps in each development era folder are sorted according to their purpose:
The "Storyline" folder contains storyline-related maps sorted by chapters.
The "Joke maps and misc" folder contains various joke maps that were made by game's developers, as well as maps that are not storyline related (or their tie to the storyline is unclear), but are of interest.
The "Prefabs" folder contains various prefab maps. For example, prefabs for the City 17 buildings and etc.
The "Test Maps" folder contains various test maps that were made to test the functionality of several different features of the game.

All maps in the archive are original and were not rewritten, so you can track file's original last edit dates.
The original paths to the files were also saved.

All maps were sorted by Витой
Correct dates for 12.12.2002 vmfs provided by Jackathan

How to configure beta Hammer
How to fix maps from this mappack
Date: 7 July 2017
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