24 September 2019ВитойВитой
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Few days ago MilkywayM16, a member of our community, has announced a mod called Coterminus, on which he had secretly worked for 9 years.

As it happens pretty frequently he started working on it just for fun and to learn stuff about Source engine. Little by little he was adding more and more features and as a result he thought it would be great to finish it into more playable state and release it for public. Currently the mod has many ported cut engine features, weapons, enemies. By his own admission he's not much of a mapper, but you can expect some maps in the initial release too. He have reworked Nova Prospekt chapter so it looks more like how it was back in 2003.

Generally, by his own words, he would like for his mod to become some sort of basis for those who want to port HL2 Beta content into retail. People won't need to port cut features, enemies, models and textures anymore, they will just need to get wc-mappack map or whole chapter and bring it into more playable state.

You can read more about this mod on its official ModDB page.

Also don't forget to track our community for news. As soon as this mod will be released we will gladly add it into our downloads.

14 September 2019ВитойВитой
A fact not known by many, but in 2016, when Half-Life 2 Repo leaks occured, among others there was found strange looking model of a cat.

The model didn't have any textures or animations or even bones, only this "deformed" mesh. It's quite possible it was an internal joke by one of Valve's modelers, for example about that cat that was mentioned by Barney.

The model was never leaked in a public access and all we have is a couple of screenshots.


11 September 2019ВитойВитой
Thanks to a tip given by a subscriber of our VK group, our gallery now has few official screenshots of Half-Life 2 from 2004 from a Czech fan site. Two of them are most likely from one of Czech gaming magazines and were never published anywhere else.

There's an interesting detail on a screenshot with a metrocop - a soda vending machine is not yet "Breen's private reserve" model as we know it from retail, but a brush vending machine that we all know from HL2 Beta.

You can check the rest screenshots in a gallery on our website.

Updated 12.09:
[DSL]StalceR from hl-inside.ru disproved exclusivity of these screenshots. Turns out they were published in various gaming magazinesfrom summer 2004. And thanks to Valve Games Magazines Collection project we uploaded better versions of these screenshots in our gallery.

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7 September 2019ВитойВитой
A person from our Discord channel with a nickname Simon9112 made an improved version of an official Half-Life 2 concept art, that is from about late 2000 - early 2001 and is loved by many HL2 Beta fans.
This concept art was first seen in Raising the Bar and the quallity wasn't too good originally.

Now as you can see on this comparison shot, the quallity is really great and many beta fans must be pleased.

4 September 2019ВитойВитой
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The authors of Raising the Bar Redux mod have released new, September 2019 media update. In it they showed some new maps screenshots, model renders and a concept art of cpt. Vance.

You can read an article with on mod's ModDB page about all this with some additional information.
Also all new screenshots of the mod were added into this gallery on our website.

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