24 December 2022KralichKralich
Division 2 of Raising the Bar: Redux was released on December 23rd.

Raising the Bar: Redux is a cut-content mod melding numerous eras of the HL2's development combined with some creative liberties intended to smooth over gaps and also bring a unique style to the mod.

Division 1.2 (the final patch to a standalone Division 1 release) was released in December 2020, featuring Gordon's initial arrival in City 17, meeting Kleiner, and then fighting to escape the city. The demo for Division 2, featuring the canal journey, was released in February 2022.

Now, the full Division 2 journey is available. The player will escape through the canals outside City 17, then meet Eli Maxwell, Alyx, T-Bot, and Skitch. After that, they will be forced to fight through hordes of zombies in the Quarrytown, before escaping with the excavator in the mines beneath Ravenholm.

Division 2 also launched with a highly improved Division 1. A patch update fixing any issues the community finds is planned for early 2023. Then, the team will be moving on to the next Division, in the wasteland.


You can download the Division 2 + 1 package at ModDB here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-2-raising-the-bar-redux/downloads/raising-the-bar-redux-division-2-release

30 October 2022CvoxaluryCvoxalury
The 2003 Storyline Port for retail HL2 was released exactly one month ago.

It wasn't so prominently covered on this site back then, but now there's a good excuse to talk about it:
The mod has been updated with some new-old content, bugfixes and extra functions.

The summary changelist is:

  • Russian translation has been added for in-game text (subtitles and GUI), credit goes to Shift for the majority of it
  • The Physgun, the Sticky Launcher, the Hopwire Grenade, and the I-Rifle have been ported over
  • The update fixes several oversights such as being able to mount any Strider by +USEing it, and the rebels with Ammo Resupplier flag giving you only 1 pathetic round of ammunition at a time
  • Other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes to make the experience better.


The update replaces the old version on Moddb, and can be found here.

Please note that it is designed to work as a mod for the current version of HL2, and not Source SDK 2013.

11 October 2022ВитойВитой
It's been a long time since we wrote any news entry on our website. More than two years, to be precise! There are many reasons for that, mainly it's because we simply lost our beta enthusiasm.

So we had an idea - why don't we let the users write the news themselves? And there's definitely something to write about! Some new mods get released, other mods publish media updates, and also some new unseen beta content appears at VCC discord... So now anyone of you can create a thread in the news section of our forum and it will automatically appear on the main page of our website.

Of course there are certain restrictions on what to write and how to write:
  • The news entry must be about the cut content. Not strictly Half-Life cut content, but necessarily Valve cut content. After all our website is dedicated to it.
  • The news entry should contain...news. No need to write reddit-like threads with crappy memes and questions on "how do I launch maps in beyta???"
  • If it's a long text please spend five minutes of your time on proper editing. It's very desirable to use bb codes and properly attach screenshots with them
  • The news entry should follow the  forum rules

We'll try this idea as an experiment, initially. If the idea will work and the users will post proper quality news entries - it will be great. If not - well, it's not the first time :(.

27 May 2020ВитойВитой

Back in 2005-2007, when Valve still had episodic system in mind the development of one of Half-Life 2 episodes was given to outsource company. At first it was Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios, and then since 2006 - Arkane. Before this day we only had some pieces of informations, few screenshots and model renders from Arkane's project. For more information you could visit a discussion thread on our forums.

Today a new documentary about Arkane Studios was released on Noclip channel. As we predicted there was plenty of new information, screenshots, concept-art and video footages from the cancelled Half-Life 2 episode Return to Ravenholm.

Here's a short list with some of the facts from this video:
-A playable build still exists inside Arkane studio
-They had a build of Episode Four's previous iteration from JPS but from the looks of it they decided not to use their ideas.
-Inside their team this project was called just "Ravenholm"
-The protagonist was Lt. Shephard from Opposing Force (it seems G-Man gave him a nice promotion, from corporal all the way ti leutenant :D )
-The main part of the game was to be insite an abandoned asylum, most likely somewhere not far from Ravenholm, and near the end of it in the town itself.
-Father Grigori was making some experiments with Headcrab's toxins in hopes to find immunization from them and we were to assist him in this
-Grigori was testing the cure's prototypes on animals and on himself. Later in the game he would get mutations that he would try to hide, e.g. under the hood.
-In the end of the game he would become fully mutated and most likely would be some kind of final boss.
-They planned to use Viktor Antonov's idea cut from HL2 - huge wind turbines that were built to generate electricity
-Two of the new enemies were mutated monkeys that are scared of flashlight and zombies that could spit acid
-Some of the new wepons were nailgun, some kind of plazma weapon and leaf blower
-Nailgun could be used to solve puzzles with electricity by connecting the circuits with bolts с
-Leaf blower could be used for rocket jumps
-The ending wasn't revealed because according to the developers Valve still can somehow use it in their next games

Of course it's better to see all this byyourself and enjy another portion of content that unfortunately most likely will never be released as a full game.

26 May 2020ВитойВитой
Better late than never but the Raising the Bar: Redux mod released Chapter One demo last week.
You can download it from ModDB or from our website.
Image Image Image

We also streamed the walkthrough of it with mod's lead developer, Kralich, on our YouTube channel. Feel free to watch it to listen some backstory and insight about the mod:

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