1 June 2019Jar of FliesJar of Flies
The ever impressive and ambitious Half-Life 2 Beta recreation mod Raising the Bar has release their June Update.

Make sure to take a look at the video below! It shows a lot of what they're working on, and their new Combine soldier models are particularly impressive. RTBR is distinguishing themselves as a mod team that are moving away from the established HL2 Beta lore to create something unique yet familiar, and this is an excellent undertaking.

And also check out their ModDB page - it's amazing. The new maps are looking particularly detailed, and I'm sure they will continue to grow in scope and quality as the mod progresses.

Check out the ModDB page by clicking here.

31 May 2019ВитойВитой
A very nice video-comparison made by Jackathan of one of the first Ravenholm prototypes with its final version:

The first WC Mappack VMF that is related to Ravenholm is quarry_town01, dated August 3rd 2001. After years of development, the game (and this map) switched settings to Eastern Europe. In these screenshots and the video, you can see the comparison of the first rough prototype of the map and its final form in HL2 retail.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

29 May 2019ВитойВитой
One more source of an image used in one of the leak's texture had been found. Klow discovered that those beautiful windows from buildingset022a texture, that looks like captain's room's windows from 16-17th century ships, were taken from New-York Yacht Club's building.

Image Image

And since we mentioned Klow we can't not to show some new screenshots of his 2001-2002 textures restoration project. Currently he is working on "buildingset" textures.

Image Image
Image Image

29 May 2019ВитойВитой
Image Image

Some disturbing news about Absolute Zero mod came today.

Some indie company "Giggle Horse", that is developing a game with the same name demanded mod's developers to change the name of their creation according to DMCA. Otherwise it's quite possible there is a possiblity of lawsuit and a call to a court.

What's interesting, Absolute Zero's Steam page exists for over 6 months already, and mod itself appeared in 2015, while this indie odd-job only appeared recently. The "Absolute Zero" is a scientific term and anyone's claims on it are quite absurd. More than that there are few products with the same name that exist already, including an album by Bruce Hornsbys, a song by Stone Sour, a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 expansion...

In short this whole story has all signs of awkwardness and obscurantism of those people who love to buy rights for some phrases and terms and then demand people to stop using those in their creations.

8 May 2019ВитойВитой
ImageImage Image
Image Image Image

Klow has finally released the first part of his 2001-2002 textures remakes, which he teased in our Discord numerous times. Besides textures the pack also contains edited maps where you will be able to see how those textures look. Also included are a few maps where you can see how those maps look unedited (with the 2003 textures) for comparison.

By the way this textures pack might be pretty useful to those who decided to take part in our Beta Mapping Contest, so if you are one of the contestants go ahead and download it!

You can download this pack from our website's downloads section.

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