2 October 2018ВитойВитой
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It appears yesterday we missed an important date.
Exactly 15 years ago, October 1st 2003, one of the members of myg0t released the source code of Source engine, that earlier appeared in Usenet, on torrents. The source code was the first archive that became available for everyone, not just few chosen people.
This was only a beginning of the famous Valve servers leak, thanks to which we have the so called "beta" version of Half-Life 2 and many other files.
And yes, unlike what the majority of people think, Axel Gembe wasn't the one who released those files publicly. He only breached Valve's servers and gave the access to his friends, and one of them leaked the files into the Internet.

1 October 2018ВитойВитой
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Raising the Bar: Redux mod just got a new update on their ModDB page. In it they covered the updates on mod's maps, models, weapons, animations and the new music track. They showed their progress with d1_garage_01, c17_04 and d1_sewer levels remakes, as well as new weapon models and new model of Eli Maxwell.

You can find more information about those updates and see more screenshots related to them, as well as videos in this ModDB article about the update.

23 September 2018ВитойВитой
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Two news for those who loves content cut from Half-Life 1. According to the laws of the genre, one of them is bad and another one is good.

Bad news is - Shaft, one of the mods that tried to restore HL1 cut content is now dead. This was announced last week by mod's dev team. After 8 years of development they felt that while mod's goals are pretty vague, it's not really an easy thing to achieve them, as it was thought initially.

The good news - their work will not die in vain and everything that is possible to release will be released. In fact you already can download some of the mod's content, Jackathan, one of mod's developers released and archive with mod's maps, textures, documents and media.
You can download this archive by following this link.

20 September 2018ВитойВитой
In one of the last chapters of "Raising the Bar" there is this quote from David Speyrer:

"Originally we had citizens up on the street level shooting RPGs at the Citadel, and we were planning to have an all-out assault on the Citadel underway. But at a certain point it felt better to have the player all alone entering the Citadel, with only sound being eerie creaks and groans of the Citadel itself. It was more in keeping with the classic quest theme of a lone knight entering the fortress of the enemy, which was the feeling we were trying to evoke."

CW3D took a note on an icon of the game's 12th chapter - "Our Benefactors". On it one can clearly see explosions on the Citadel's hull and trails of RPG rockets. More than that some details on the maps are missing, such as sewer pipes and buildings, which it seems were added later, as well as the fog. You can compare both, chapter's icon and in-game screenshot made at the same place on the next images:
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18 September 2018ВитойВитой
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The second release of Half-Life 2: Aftermath mod came out today. This release contains cut and unused content from Half-Life 2: Episode One, previously known as Aftermath. There you will find restored older versions of Episode One's maps, a cut weapon - Vortex Hopwire (predecessor of Magnusson's device) and also various test maps from Episode's development era.

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More than that this release also contains the previous one, with various experimental maps made by Valve after Episode Two's release.

You can download it from our site.

Also, "Valve News Network" YouTube channel released a video today, with all cut from Episode One dialogues that can be found in the game's files.

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