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30 March 2018 by Jar of Flies
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Half-Life 2 Project Beta is going live once more!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 31st of March at 3PM GMT, we will be streaming on the Half-Life 2 Project Beta channel, and we will be playing several cut storyline maps in order. This will be an unmissable stream - make sure you join us!

Tomorrow's stream will feature me (Lambda Videos), our site's very own Витой, and XJR9000, who you may know from VCC, our forums, and on the /r/halflife subreddit.

See you tomorrow at 3PM GMT  :)

update: we are online!

"Hyper" Era (1999-2000)
5:23 - intro
11:54 - Hyperborea
20:10 - Kraken base

"US Skyscrapers" Era (2001)
29:54 - City 17
1:00:18 - Kleiner's lab
1:10:44 - Canals
1:31:25 - Quarry Town
1:35:41 - Caves and Eli's den
1:44:53 - Wasteland
1:59:38 - Depot
2:22:45 - Air Exchange
3:13:37 - Borealis
3:20:53 - Kraken
3:23:14 - Vertigo
3:38:10 - Streetwars
3:56:15 - Citadel

21 February 2018 by Витой
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Image Image
Image Image
Alex from our Discord channel is doing a mod based on the leaked Aftermath/Episodes VMFs.
Currently all maps up to ep2_outland_07 are ready and when he will finish ep2_outland_08, he promises to release a first demo of his mod so anyone can play it.
Image Image
Basically it is the first such attempt to recreate an older version of Episode Two, that was publicly announced.
You can discuss this mod, ask it's author a question, and if you want to, join him in this attempt on his mod's Discord channel. In particular he needs a help with porting old features from Source 2004-2006 version into Source 2013.
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

You can already find some of this maps fixed by Alex in our site's Downloads section.

Image Image

19 February 2018 by Витой
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If you are interested in the story of Half-Life 2's theft, we recommend you to watch this video by Jackathan. In it he took an interview with James Watt, aka GTWY, who was one of community investigator. Back then his and his friend's work helped Valve and FBI to find Axel Gembe, the person who was the first to break into Valve's servers.

14 February 2018 by Витой
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1.5 years ago we released the hl2-wc-maps archive sorted by different folders. Back then we sorted the storyline-related maps by "old storyline" and "new storyline", which is an outdated classification.

Today we uploaded a new version of this archive with the new maps sorting method. Now every map were sorted according to which development "era" they belongs to. The maps in wc mappack belongs to 3 different development eras, which we tied to years - 2001 (US Skyscrapers Era), 2002 (Early Eastern European era) and 2003 (Pre-release era). Each era's folder is also sorted according to map's pupose: storyline, test maps, E3 maps, prefabs and other. The maps in storyline folders are also sorted by different game's chapters.

Another new thing in this archive is the proper aaron's folder .vmf files dates (originally many of them had the 12.12.2002 last edited date, which is wrong). Thanks to Jackathan we were able to get the proper last edited dates for those files and set them (however bear in mind that they are not 100% correct).

You can download this new version of sorted hl2-wc-maps archive from our site.

27 January 2018 by Витой
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Marc Laidlaw shared a few more details about the cancelled Half-Life 1 addon, "Hostile Takeover", ValveTime.net  mentioned some time earlier.
HL2Episode2, a Reddit user, contacted Marc with a few questions about this addon. Here is what his answer was:
"It didn't have a story and it wasn't playable all the way through. Shortly before it was cancelled, it changed completely from a regular single player adventure to something where the entire TF team joined you as NPC (like a team of individually skilled Barneys). I think this hastened his cancellation.

Even before that time, I had nothing to do with the story. It was the work of an outside studio. Never wrote a word for it. The high concept was that it was going to be a junior G-man version of the soldier and security guard spin-offs in OpFor and Blue Shift. This indicates how much the notion of the G-man changed over the time. At that point, clearly a lot of people just thought the G-man was some sort of government agent working for an agency with many employees...and you'd play one of them, in the same way Gordon was one of many scientists and Adrian Shephard was one of many many soldiers and Barney Calhoun was one of many security guards. Our notion of the G-man as a unique individual had not really settled into place yet...or not for everyone, The basic idea for the game was Gabe's, as was the idea to make it a TF adventure...he threw a lot of things at the wall and not all of them stuck."

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