16 August 2018ВитойВитой
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In one of the recent interviews to the "Retro Gaming" magazine, Valve said, that one of their initial ideas was to set City 17 in a Prague-like alien city. That was most likely even before they wanted to set City 17 in North America. Raising the Bar has few of concept arts from that particular era.
One of them depicts a gloomy street with a tram. A real life prototype for it is Jindrisska street in Prague.

What about a poster on one of the buildings - we already informed our VK group subscribers before, that it was based on an old Soviet poster from 1975, named "My factory - my pride".

20 July 2018Jar of FliesJar of Flies
Do you remember this cut enemy from Half-Life 2 that is commonly referred to as "an old version of the Combine Sniper"?
Well, as far as we know, it isn't actually a sniper unit. However, judging by the sniper rifle attached to his leaked version model, it is possible that at some point Valve planned to remake him into a sniper. He is actually an old version of the Combine Elite Soldier. His code is practically identical to the Combine Soldier's code, and the most significant difference is his increased health.

But this news entry is not about this; His original model has some very strange multicolored, mottled textures, that look more like placeholders. That being said, it appears that this is not the case.
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VXP managed to fix the unit's camo code, and bring it to a fully working state. It appeared those textures are procedural, and they take a sample of the texture behind the Combine Elite and put them onto the camouflage pattern. You can see a demonstration of this mechanic in a working state in this video:

8 July 2018Jar of FliesJar of Flies
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At last, we can proudly inform you that the fourth version of our Mega Patch for the Half-Life 2 Beta has finally been released!
You can download it from our site's "Downloads" section.

While you wait for the download to finish, feel free to read our additional informational and installation instructions guide.

Furthermore, you can also inform us of any bugs and glitches you may find, and tell us you ideas for the next Mega Patch's versions in the thread.

We are also introducing you to the new and improved site layout made by T-braze. We hope you'll like it!

28 May 2018ВитойВитой
Today we have three pieces of news about recent developments in the Half-Life 2 Beta mod-making community.

The first piece of news is the new media that has been released by the team behind the Dark Interval mod. The next release of this mod will depict Gordon's journey after the failed teleportation sequence in Kleiner's lab, through to Gordon's passage outside of the city, through the canals and wasteland to the Depot.

On these new screenshots you can see how the new locations look: an area just outside of the city's walls, the dried sea floor, a location near Eli Maxwell's hideout and an abandoned hotel inhabited by City 17 refugees.

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You can see the new design of the OICW/AR2 rifle, as well as the model of a brand new enemy, based on one of Half-Life 2's concept art pieces from the Raising the Bar books.
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The authors of the mod plan to finish this new release before the end of this year.

Secondly, a few days ago a new version of the Half-Life 2 Episodes - Beta Collection mod was released. This mod is a pack of fixed Beta maps from the recently leaked Episodic map pack. Yesterday we had a Russian-speaking stream on our YouTube channel, where we played and commented on this mod. An English speaking stream will follow at some point in the near future.

Finally, another HL2 Episode Two Beta mod was released today. We previously told you about this mod before, and now it is finally here; you are able to play the very first demo version. You can download it from our site by clicking on this link..
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You will find more than 60 maps from the leaked episodic map pack, fixed to a very high standard. These maps consist of both storyline-related and developer testing maps, including the maps created specifically for the game's trailers.

We hope you enjoy it!

30 March 2018Jar of FliesJar of Flies
Half-Life 2 Project Beta is going live once more!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 31st of March at 3PM GMT, we will be streaming on the Half-Life 2 Project Beta channel, and we will be playing several cut storyline maps in order. This will be an unmissable stream - make sure you join us!

Tomorrow's stream will feature me (Lambda Videos), our site's very own Витой, and XJR9000, who you may know from VCC, our forums, and on the /r/halflife subreddit.

See you tomorrow at 3PM GMT  :)

update: we are online!

"Hyper" Era (1999-2000)
5:23 - intro
11:54 - Hyperborea
20:10 - Kraken base

"US Skyscrapers" Era (2001)
29:54 - City 17
1:00:18 - Kleiner's lab
1:10:44 - Canals
1:31:25 - Quarry Town
1:35:41 - Caves and Eli's den
1:44:53 - Wasteland
1:59:38 - Depot
2:22:45 - Air Exchange
3:13:37 - Borealis
3:20:53 - Kraken
3:23:14 - Vertigo
3:38:10 - Streetwars
3:56:15 - Citadel

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