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Specially for those of you who want to see all those old Half-Life 2 maps from the stolen mappack, but don't know how to fix them, we wrote a tutorial on how to fix most of the problems with the old maps. By following it you can fix almost every map from the mappack, compile it and play it. Now you can do it on your own and play all of your favorite maps that were cut/changed from the final game.
Good luck with the map fixing and don't forget to share it with us in a special subforum.

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In the latest issue of the British magazine, Retro Gamer, there was an article published called "The Making Of Half-Life 2". As you can tell from it's title, the article discusses in detail about the development history of our favorite video game. In the article, we can see two never seen before screenshots.


Here are some quick facts from the article:

  • Initially Valve came up with the idea to include three alien races in the game.
  • The locations Valve had planned for HL2 were also discussed in the article: Chicago, the Arctic base, Cairo and a Prague-like alien city.
  • Gameplay in the Borealis section of the map was largely limited by the use of the fire extinguisher. The fire "would spread across surfaces and limit the player’s access to parts of the level or ignite flammable barrels" and the player had to extinguish fires in order to proceed.
  • Initially the game's physics engine was Ipion Virtual Physics. The company that created the engine was bought by Havoc back in 2000).
  • As Laura Dubuk mentioned previously a year ago, the Physgun was a prototype of the Gravity gun, but it wasn't meant to be used within the final game at all. Instead, it was a special weapon for testers to try out the game's Ipion physics engine.
  • Initially, it was planned that the player would fight both soldiers and antlions in the Prison chapter, instead of having the antlions on your side.
  • The first drivable vehicle to be added into the game was the digger. The digger would ram a "mother pod", which manifested as a Gonarch belly spawning headcrabs into the tunnels under Ravenholm.
  • At one point, Valve experimented with only letting the player carry one primary and secondary weapon.

ValveTime.net contacted Retro Gamer, and asked the authors of the article if they could give them the original files of the screenshots. They gave them both original files, as well as two screenshots that were also unreleased that didn’t make it into the article. You can see all four screenshots below.


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Dear guests and members of Project Beta site and forum!
We are happy to inform you that our site and forum are once again up and ready for use!

Site engine was updated and received several new functions
All the topics and posts from the old forum were saved and updated. User and message databases were successfully transferred into the new engine. This means that existing users will need but to confirm their forum account password or create a new one (for this, enter the selected password twice in the prompt field).

Please note that the Downloads section is still work in progress. So far, only the basic content has been uploaded. However, we also plan to upload all the old items, as well as some new ones.

After some tweaking, we plan to introduce gallery and article sections to post useful information on the subject our project and community are dedicated to.

English and Russian forums will be merged. Therefore, should you ever need to hide any of the topics, simply press the special button in the section name block.


You can also switch site and forum languages by pressing a corresponding flag button in the page header.

Before you start, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the updated forum and site rules. Included you will find some information on the use of BB-codes which will enable you to manage the layout of your posts better.

If you have any questions, suggestions or you found any bugs, please, tell us about it in special category of the forum.

We wish you pleasant conversations!
Project Beta Team!

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