20 Dec 2017, 11:29:25 by Витой
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We present to your attention our new video telling the history of the level that was shown on E3 2003 conference - e3_seafloor. You are able to see the whole 1.5 months way of this level, from a rough prototype to one of the most remarkable levels shown on the E3 presentation.

If you wish to see the full list of E3 levels, including unused maps and prototypes, visit this thread on our forum.

17 Dec 2017, 23:15:56 by Витой
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In the issue of PC Gamer magazine from August 2006 there were few concept arts that weren't published anywhere else. We only found them in low quality, as you can see on the scans below. Maybe someone will be able to find the issue and make a better quality scans? The administration of our site would be very grateful.
Image Image
Image Image

03 Dec 2017, 19:58:27 by Витой
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An interesting find by B16B055 aka Restellarious: Some of the d1_palace_01 VMFs contain two triggers named "temp_e3".

The last modified date of one of those VMFs (02.04.2002) is from the same period when Valve started making the first prototypes for the E3 presentation. It is very likely that the team chose this map for the showcase because it was one of the most visually suitable maps, but for some reason Valve excluded it from the E3 presentation map list and the E3 version of it was never fully finished.

02 Dec 2017, 16:45:01 by Maxpas
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Today we will show you one of the rarest relics from the Beta mod-making scene; the first Russian mod for Half-Life 2 - Resistance of Death.

Image Image Image
The mod was first announced in February of 2004 on the Russian Half-Life Inside forum. On February the 22nd, the long-dead city17.ru website published a preview of this mod.

At first, the mod was intended for Half-Life 1, but after Half-Life 2 was announced and Beta was leaked, the team decided to move it on the new engine. They were planning to make 15-20 maps, custom weapons and new NPCs for it - the usual sort of idea followed by ambitious developers of that period. The mod was planned to be released in September of 2004, but obviously this never happened.

Image Image Image
The last news about this mod was published in 2007. The developers moved the mod onto the retail Source Engine and proceeded to change the script and a lot of other details, but most of the team members left and the mod's development eventually stopped.

01 Dec 2017, 17:15:25 by Витой
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As you are probably aware, the cut Zombie Assassin NPC from the leak has no animations, so we can assume Valve never made any AI for it.
However, the community member sgt_stacker decided to fix both of these problems and gave this NPC animations and AI ported from the Gonome - an enemy from the Half-Life 1 addon, "Opposing Force". You can see the result in this following video.

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