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This post contains the rules and guidelines for communicating with other users on our forum.

Breaking these rules is discouraged or forbidden.

You will get banned for:
  • Posting advertisements without approval from the forum's administration. All links to other resources, posted without permission and approval will be deleted, and the posters will be punished.
  • Swearing. You can replace some letters in a swear word with an asterisk (*) instead, but do not overuse this.
  • Xenophobia, racism and nazism in any shape or form. The administrator team finds these violations gross and indecent, and you may get a permanent ban for this.
  • Insults and disrespect towards other members of the forum, the moderators and the administrators. This is not a place for arguing.
  • Posting in English in the Russian section and vice-versa.

Multiple violations of the following rules will also get you banned:
  • Derailing the thread and off-topic posting. In other words, continuous discussion about your new computer in the "Old City 17" thread, for example, is highly discouraged.
  • Flooding. The forum is not a chat or social media. Pointless posts (e.g. "lol", ":)", "))))))") are discouraged.
  • Do not overuse memes, imageboard slang and reaction pictures instead of actual replies. Do not post with deliberate spelling errors.
  • Doubleposting (two and above posts in a row from the same user, posted in a short timespan)
  • Deliberate creation of any and all provocative posts. Such posts can be deleted by the administrators and moderators without explanation.

The ban duration is decided by the moderators at their own discretion.
Since the forum engine does not provide a system of rule violation points, the primary means of punishment are bans.
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Сегодня играл в Half-Life 2 Beta. В комнату зашла мать и сказала:
- Я смотрю, не зря ты MIT закончил!
Я встал из-за компьютера, подошёл к розетке и выдернул штепсель.