Half-Life 2 Beta: 2002 mappack

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This mappack contains the maps that were developed during the "2002 era" of the games development.

In this pack you will find:

- Storyline maps that include many revisions.
- Test maps where they tested engine functions and various game features.
- Maps that were made because of boredom, jokes, etc.

The mappack contains 173 maps. Check "Map List.txt" for a full list.

Missing models, textures, and scripts were all fixed/updated on all the maps.
The maps were fixed to as much originality as possible. However, because many of the textures, models, etc were missing in the beta originally, it's impossible to keep the look 100% original.

Google Drive

To launch the maps in game:
Put: "map *maps name* " (without the quotes or stars)


"i" give all weapons that are known to exist in 2002.
"j" For cycling through dialogue on maps with Alyx, Barney, Kliener, etc.
"n" for notarget.
"v" for noclip.


You will need HL2 beta with Mega Patch 4.1 and the lasted version of leaknet installed.

Copy the "hl2_2002" folder into the root folder of the leak and launch with modlauncher.exe (If using MegaBuild, and it asks to overwrite, click yes.)

(note, if you play without MegaBuild and you find missing models and textures, please tell me so that I can fix that issue.)


ToastTheFox - General map fixes
Wolfcl0ck - Frozen Zombie model recreation
QuakerCraft - 2002 Shotgun recreation.
Klow - 2001-2002 Texture recreations.
Joshua - Combine Soldier pre e3 2002 recreation (in extras folder.)
Cvox - Remakes of various 2002 models

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Thank you Toast. Very cool.
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Thanks Man :33
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Thanx! Waiting this for a very long time!
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The mappack is good! I didn’t expect it will have this many maps in it, and all of them were fixed properly too (except for few things I DMed you). Good job.
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Mappack download has been updated with some accuracy fixes.

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