RtB:R Chapter One is released

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Better late than never but the Raising the Bar: Redux mod released Chapter One demo last week.
You can download it from ModDB or from our website.
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We also streamed the walkthrough of it with mod's lead developer, Kralich, on our YouTube channel. Feel free to watch it to listen some backstory and insight about the mod:


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I thought this would never come out.
Fancy lines and crap
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could any 1 give me installation instructions because i cant find anything in the file
well actually there is a gameinfo.txt but when i open it it's all in code and scrambled up
if any one knows why that happen it would help me a lot

edit: there is instructions in the info link in the latest version
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Я давно прошёл этот мод
Обожаю Half-Life 2 и всё связанное с ней