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Maps of City 17 chapter from the WC-mappack fixed for HL2 beta. Enjoy.
Just open console, type 'map d1_garage_01' and you can make the way from City 17's industrial site to old story line's Kleiner's lab.
New Game button will also work.
Bear in mind that this mod is yet far from being finished.

Possible bugs and errors:
Don't block NPC's way, it can cause them to stuck and no scripts will work.
The d1_garage_01 map can sometimes crash when you make a changelevel to it. The problem is in phys_spring entity from the APC garage. No problem solutions were found yet.
Crash can occur on d1_terminal_01 after the scene with scout and metrocops.
In the /maps/Custom controllable manhack/ folder there is d1_c17_05 version with custom controllable manhack script. This version crashes every time you make a changelevel or even exit the game with this map loaded.
Sometimes Barney won't go on scripted_sequence during the final teleportation scene segment.

What you will find in this pack:

d1_garage_01 (Mix of d1_garage_01_08 and d1_garage_01_32)
d1_garage_02 (d1_garage_02_03)
d1_terminal_01 (d1_terminal_01_40)
d1_c17_04 (c17_04_41)
d1_c17_05 (Mox of arcade_05 and arcade_06)
d1_steam_01 (subt)
d1_lab_01 (kleiner)
consulcast and breencast - background maps for main menu

Additional sounds for maps were taken from:
Retail HL2
Mafia: the city of Lost Heaven
Max Payne 2

Map sources can be found in the archive. You can use them for your mods and map fixes if you will credit the authors of the stuff you copied.

You will need HL2 Beta patched with Mega Patch and LeakNet.
Copy the city17_mod folder from this archive into the root folder of the leak and run the mod with the Mod Launcher

The author is Витой
Many thanks to the people who helped with this fix:
2R1Zt - models
T-braze - models, mapping advises
OddDoc - d1_c17_04 3D background skyscrapers
Maelstrom - custom controllable manhack script, controllable crane in the APC garage script, Consulcast device, Arcade escalator
VXP - fixed many code features and previously non-working stuff
Psilocibinum - Consul/Breen's office
XJR9000 - Manhack Arcade exterior

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