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This mod adds a Borealis chapter from 2002 in a playable state as a mod for LeakNet. You can walk through all Borealis maps from start to finish. The gameplay is based on interaction with Odell. Only combining your efforts you will be able to reanimate the ship and direct it to the underwater base Kraken in Arctic region.
It has many custom scripts and Odell's dialogues as well as some other custom content.
Basically this mod is "what if Valve would finish 2002 incarnation of the chapter and didn't scrap it out of the game"

Some usefull tips:
-Dont use your own saves, it can cause different problems. Maps have autosaves instead.
-Don't go on previous maps it can cause crash (engine bug)
-Dont block the crane on final map
-Dont block Odell in cutscenes (or ever)
-During the final battle it occurs that the lazer on the RPG doesn't show up and rockets won't target it. To get rid of it drop your current RPG ('g' by default) and take another one, near rockets crate outside.

The authors are:
Alfeos: mapping and scripting, models.
Витой: dialogs writing, scenes, additional work on maps, testing
Sgt. Stacker - voice acting (Odell)
Psyoliz - ideas, testing

Additional content used:
Frozen_zombie.mdl - by Wolfcl0ck, Gmaddador and Sgt. Stacker
Remakes of 2001-2002 textures of metal panels by Klow
Date: 7 December 2019
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Rating: ***** by 15 members.

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