September 2003 Storyline Map Pack's release

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XJR9000 released his fix of September 2003 storyline maps, the ones that come with the "beta" originally.
This mappack fixes all maps that were leaked with the original hl2-anon build of Half-Life 2.  This pack allows you to play through the entire September 2003 storyline.  There is no need to open the console as all of the level transitions have been fixed.  You can start with d1_trainstation_01 and properly load through all 50 maps ending with d3_canals_02 without any crashes caused by the maps.

You can download this fix from our site.

You can also watch a video walkthrough of those maps made by the author of the fix:
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Good stuff, thanks!
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This is some awesome stuff! I might play these maps later on. Thank you very much!