Major update for Dark Interval: Chapter I

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Recently, an update came out for the first chapter of Dark Interval - a global mod for Half-Life 2, based on Valve's early concepts.

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While the second chapter is still in development, developers released a patch 1.2 for the first chapter. It addresses many major issues and it expands on the first chapters of the mod - the intro, the city levels, the lab, everything from the 2017 release.

  • every Part 1 map went through bug fixing, scene enhancements, upgrades in performance, lighting and sound work;
  • brand new custom scenes with voice acting and re-recorded VA for O’Dell and the vortigaunts;
  • expanded shader effects, including parallax-corrected cubemaps and flowmap water technique;
  • new main menu and interface changes;
  • no more fade-to-black transitions on any of the levels.

You can read more about what's changed in this article.

Download the update from our site, or from mod's moddb page.
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Wow!! It's astonishing! I can't describe how cool and pretty is that!  !amazed