Half-life 2 exclusive screenshots from Czech gaming magazine

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Thanks to a tip given by a subscriber of our VK group, our gallery now has few official screenshots of Half-Life 2 from 2004 from a Czech fan site. Two of them are most likely from one of Czech gaming magazines and were never published anywhere else.

There's an interesting detail on a screenshot with a metrocop - a soda vending machine is not yet "Breen's private reserve" model as we know it from retail, but a brush vending machine that we all know from HL2 Beta.

You can check the rest screenshots in a gallery on our website.

Updated 12.09:
[DSL]StalceR from hl-inside.ru disproved exclusivity of these screenshots. Turns out they were published in various gaming magazinesfrom summer 2004. And thanks to Valve Games Magazines Collection project we uploaded better versions of these screenshots in our gallery.

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New beta screenshots in 2019? What timeline are we living in?