2 July 2019ВитойВитой

Soon after the Episodic mappack was leaked back in 2017, attentive users spotted that storyline-related maps of Half-Life 2: Episode One have "point_devshot_camera" entities placed in many different areas. Jackathan decided to write one of Valve employers to learn why they added those entities.

It appeared that those entities take TGA screenshots of places on maps where they are located if you launch the game with "-makedevshots" parameter. After Episode One's development was finished they placed those entities in the maps and then with the use of a special tool they added those cameras on every version of the maps from older game builds. Then they gathered all the screenshots and montaged them on videos to show us how the maps were changed during the game's development. Episode One came out, everyone was celebrating and...Valve forgot about those videos and never released them.

Luckily the employee Jackathan wrote to still had one of those videos and gave it to her, so now we can watch how the map ep1_c17_01 changed during development. At the same time we only can marvel at Valve's carelessness and lack of commitment. Although I'm not sure that anyone still cares after all those years.

28 June 2019ВитойВитой
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We already informed our VK group's subscribers about mzfk's work when he recreated Air Exchange chapter in Minecraft.
Now he raised the bar and recreated whole City 17 chapter, based on City 17 mod.
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He also released a new version of HL2 beta textures pack, that is needed if you decided to download and play his creation.
You can download his recreated City 17 here (you will need to download and install texture pack first).

23 June 2019ВитойВитой

Now that Toasttf had released his 2002 mappack we decided to make a stream about it on our YouTube channel.
For nearly 5 hours we were playing storyline and other maps from that development era and discussed them with Toast himself. The recording of the stream is available and anyone who missed it can watch it now.

Also Toast made a compilation of pre-recorded gameplay of storyline maps on his own YouTube channel.

21 June 2019ВитойВитой
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Few days ago our website's user Toasttf released his take on 2002 Era maps from the WC Mappack.

In this pack you will find:
- Storyline maps that include many revisions.
- Test maps where they tested engine functions and various game features.
- Maps that were made because of boredom, jokes, etc.

The mappack contains 173 maps in total.

As always, you can download this mappack from our website.

For more information on this mappack and download link mirrors visit this thread on our Forum.

1 June 2019Jar of FliesJar of Flies
The ever impressive and ambitious Half-Life 2 Beta recreation mod Raising the Bar has release their June Update.

Make sure to take a look at the video below! It shows a lot of what they're working on, and their new Combine soldier models are particularly impressive. RTBR is distinguishing themselves as a mod team that are moving away from the established HL2 Beta lore to create something unique yet familiar, and this is an excellent undertaking.

And also check out their ModDB page - it's amazing. The new maps are looking particularly detailed, and I'm sure they will continue to grow in scope and quality as the mod progresses.

Check out the ModDB page by clicking here.

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