8 May 2019ВитойВитой
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Klow has finally released the first part of his 2001-2002 textures remakes, which he teased in our Discord numerous times. Besides textures the pack also contains edited maps where you will be able to see how those textures look. Also included are a few maps where you can see how those maps look unedited (with the 2003 textures) for comparison.

By the way this textures pack might be pretty useful to those who decided to take part in our Beta Mapping Contest, so if you are one of the contestants go ahead and download it!

You can download this pack from our website's downloads section.

30 April 2019Jar of FliesJar of Flies
Hello Beta fans!

I am pleased to announce that the very first Half-Life 2 Project Beta competition is now live - with real prizes!

Entrants are tasked with creating a map in the Half-Life 2 Beta style in the Leak engine. You may base it upon three phases of Half-Life 2's development: 2001, 2002, and 2003. You may interpret this how you like!

Maps should be of decent length and include gameplay elements - story elements are optional, but not necessary.

Maps will be judged by the expert panel of Half-Life 2 Project Beta admins, and each map will be featured and rated on a live stream.

We only have a few rules:

1. Maps must be of decent length: no really short "tech-demo" style maps please! Also no joke maps.
2. Maps must be at least fairly original - we are not looking for another Get Your Free TVs remake, sorry.
3. All entries must be made by the closing date - the 10th of June.
4. To submit the entries, attach them to an email and send it to:


(Note: please don't spam my emails :) )

Have fun Beta fans, and good luck!

24 March 2019ВитойВитой
In few recent days, Marphy Black released two new videos of his "Half-Life Fact Files" series.

In the first video he remembers some of the statements made by Valve in 1997-1998, prior to the release of Half-Life 1, where they told about their plans to add "alien breeding" in the game, which would repopulate areas visited by the player so he would meet new monsters if he would decide to go few maps back. Another feature they mentioned in interviews was dynamic moss groth on walls, which, according to their idea, we were to be able to watch in real time. As we all know both of the features were never fully developed and were cut from the game. What's interesting is that for some reason Gabe Newell was especially tied to the moss groth feature and mentioned that he'd like to see it in game even in 2003, when he was talking about Half-Life 2.

The second video is dedicated to another monster cut from Half-Life 1 - Kingpin. This monster had its own model but only 3 animations exist on the version we have in our hands. According to few sketches and pieces of information that can be found in Uncorrected Proof version of Raising the Bar, we were to meet this monster at least twice in the cource of the game: in a huge hangar during "Surface Tension" chapter, where he was to be tormented by soldiers and we were able to set him free and make him fight them, and near the end of the game, at Xen, where these monsters were to guard the entrance of a cave.

22 March 2019ВитойВитой

The developers of Raising the Bar: Redux mod had posted a new media update of their mod on it's ModDB page. In this update they showed few new models they made for the mod, as well as short gameplay video, few screenshots of a construction yard map and a new piece of OST.

You can check this newest update of the mod, as well other media and info on it's ModDB page

11 March 2019ВитойВитой

Here's a new video from Marphy Black, showcasing one of the monsters that was cut from Half-Life 1 - Flocking Floater. We were to meet this monster, that was inspired by Doom's Cacodemon, at least few times during On A Rail chapter, as well as near the end of the game at Xen, according to Valve's early ideas.

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