22 March 2019ВитойВитой

The developers of Raising the Bar: Redux mod had posted a new media update of their mod on it's ModDB page. In this update they showed few new models they made for the mod, as well as short gameplay video, few screenshots of a construction yard map and a new piece of OST.

You can check this newest update of the mod, as well other media and info on it's ModDB page

11 March 2019ВитойВитой

Here's a new video from Marphy Black, showcasing one of the monsters that was cut from Half-Life 1 - Flocking Floater. We were to meet this monster, that was inspired by Doom's Cacodemon, at least few times during On A Rail chapter, as well as near the end of the game at Xen, according to Valve's early ideas.

8 January 2019ВитойВитой
The developers of Dark Interval mod just released a new media update.
On their mod's ModDB page they showed few new screenshots, model renders and also a brand new gameplay video of the upcoming second release of the mod.
And we only will remind you that this new release will hopefully come out some time later this year.

Image Image Image
Image Image

20 November 2018ВитойВитой

XJR9000 released his fix of September 2003 storyline maps, the ones that come with the "beta" originally.
This mappack fixes all maps that were leaked with the original hl2-anon build of Half-Life 2.  This pack allows you to play through the entire September 2003 storyline.  There is no need to open the console as all of the level transitions have been fixed.  You can start with d1_trainstation_01 and properly load through all 50 maps ending with d3_canals_02 without any crashes caused by the maps.

You can download this fix from our site.

You can also watch a video walkthrough of those maps made by the author of the fix:

20 November 2018ВитойВитой
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

20 years after the release of Half-Life 1, 15 years after the "2003 Leak", we're happy to announce we are releasing "Mega Build" of the Half-Life 2 "beta".

Half-Life 2 Beta: Mega Build is a compilation of all fixes, patches and mods made for the Half-Life 2 "beta" since 2003.
No more searching, no more conflicting content, and no longer will you have to have several installations of the beta with different patches.

What to expect from this build:
-14 gb of beta content
-More than 700 maps
-Many hours of gameplay
-An ability to see how Half-LIfe 2 looked during the different stages of its developement
-Restored textures, models, maps, and whole chapters
-Minimal custom content for those who like to preserve the original beta

And here's discussion thread for you to post any problems with this build or suggestions what to add in the future and how to improve it.

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