17 February 2020ВитойВитой
In the begining of 2004 when some fans started scanning leaked build of Half-Life 2 more closely while waiting for game's full release, the feature that amazed everyone the most was of course game's physics. People who figured how to set Hammer map editor began making mini-sandbox maps with plane hulls where one could attach propane tanks with the Physgun.

That's when Garry's mod idea first came into Garry's head, after all he was among those who spent hours playing HL2 beta multiplayer with his friends. And mod's first versions main feature was mainly porting Physgun from HL2 beta into retail engine.

Of course those fan'made maps weren't just about flying planes. As you can see at the second video from that era, some people were making some sort of HL2 beta machinimas. Apart from doing such videos they were making all sorts of bizzare maps. Some made maps with car junkyards, slaughterhouses (with Alyx ragdolls instead of cows) and various luna-park attractions like enterprise and ferris weels others made big maps with some sort of storyline and quests. For example there was a map where you needed to accomplish few tasks to be able to proceed through the forest. The game wasn't yet released and HL fans were having fun already.

The only thing we want to add instead of a conclusion to all this is that you can download many of those maps from our website and play them yourself, if you didn't do this already. And if you have some maps or content from that era that are not in this archive - please let us know, we would love to add as much of it as possible!

25 January 2020ВитойВитой

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HL2 Beta-related mod called Raising the Bar: Redux released a new media update on its ModDB page.
This time the developers shared new screenshots of maps and model renders of Consul and Combine Guard.
As always, all these new screenshots were added in mod's album on our website.

26 December 2019ВитойВитой

Christmas is here, so Dark Interval mod's developers decided to please everyone who's waiting for their mod with a new gameplay video of the upcoming Part 2.
On the video you will see 4 different maps and it is 20 minutes long in total.

Have fun watching it!

14 December 2019ВитойВитой
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Borealis mod is finally out and available for download!

In case if you never heard about it - it's a mod that restores Borealis chapter in a playable state for HL2 Beta. There're totally 6 maps in this mod + background map for the main menu. Specially for this mod Odell ws fully re-voiced plus many new voice lines were additionally recorded. Also the mod has some other custom content.

The development of this mod was started back in 2009 by a member of our community now known as Alfeos (if you have read changelog.txt of Mega Patch 4 you may recognize that nickname), but he ceased development of the mod back then because of how bugged the original Hl2 beta engine was. After the release of LeakNet and Mega Patch 4.0 he decided to make the mod from scratch and as you can see this attempt was more successfull.

Now this mod, despite all the problems that still exist in the leak engine, is out and everyone can walk through the legendary ship in a company of Odell.

Video walkthrough:

12 December 2019ВитойВитой

Another media update for Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar: Redux mod appeared on their ModDB page. In it the authors of the mod showed few new model renders, screenshots of some new maps and also a concept art of Consul.
More spesifically they shared renders of new weapon models - .357 Magnuam and
Combine Guard Gun, screenshots of Consul Plaza and Ravenholm starting location and also models of ammo boxes for SMG and Pistol.

All those screenshots were added in mod's gallery on our website.

Also the developers promised to share a second part of this update at the end of December / early January.

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