1 year since the released of the Mega Build

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We forgot to commemorate an important date for beta community in October, anniversary of an event that leaded to a very existence of our website - so called Half-Life 2 "Beta" was leaked 16 years ago.

Meanwhile, in joy from the news of the recently announced next installment of Half-Life, we almost forgot about another anniversary. Today it is exactly one year since we released Half-Life 2 Beta: Mega Build.

So what can we tell about this and what are the results?
Firstly, much more people were able to check the "beta" and see what can it show to them about game's development cycle. Per year it was downloaded more than 10 000 times from our website alone, not to count torrents and external resources!
Secondly, people became much more aware what really beta is and what Half-Life 2 was or could be,  and what really was a fantasy from some Fakefactory mod's lovers.
Mega Build was played at by few well-known HL games streamers, who showed the beta to a much wider community and also gave our website a good advertisment, for which we thank all of them.

And finally we can add that this is not the end! You can expect much more content for the HL2 Beta, which means there will be future versions of the Mega Build that will include this new content each time. Stay frosty.



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Its amazing to see how many people are getting in on this
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This community has achieved great things.
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Oh, and join the HL2 Beta Discord too I guess.


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Very good to hear this is still getting stuff added. I look forward to the next release